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10 Ways In Which Neighbours Has Prepared You For Australia

By February 19, 2014 No Comments



1 The Sun always shines

Those Neighbours folk always seem to be bathed in glorious golden sunlight, which is a state that is easily attained if you find yourself Down Under.  Head to Queensland or the Northern Territory where you will find year-round sunshine in the sub-tropics.  The ironic thing is that the show is filmed in Melbourne, which is one of the worst places in Australia when it comes to winter weather.

2 Fitness fanatics everywhere

Those refined bods are no mere accident, as you will find out by the presence of many fitness fanatics donning their lycra and UV running gear. The Aussies have certainly taken a leaf out of Harold Bishop’s book of power-walking, with health-consciousness a real trend.

3 Beautiful people…everywhere

Neighbours has been littered with beautiful folk right through its history, and you will find more of the same if you venture to Oz!  Expect plenty of sun-kissed bronzed beach bodies and toned physiques as you visit those lagoons and sandy stretches.

4 Fire up the barbie

Neighbours is not shy of showing its characters throwing a few shrimps on the barbie, and neither are the natives in Australia.  Meat is uncharacteristically cheap and enjoying a barbecue is a national institution, with cooking spots everywhere, be it in the park, down by the river, or next to the inland lagoon.

5 Super-stoked for sports

One of the earliest storylines in Neighbours featured Shane Ramsay and his involvement in diving, while other sports events have appeared in the show – remember that great episode with Karl Kennedy playing footie?  This should prepare you for a country that is infatuated with its sport, with rugby, cricket, tennis and Aussie rules football all etched into the everyday lives of the population.

6 Cafe Culture

Australia is famed for its cafe culture, and particularly Melbourne, the home of Neighbours.  Prepare to spend extended coffee breaks in establishments similar to the long standing cafe featured in the soap. Just without Harold and Lou bickering behind the counter.

7 Gossipers galore

The cafe culture inevitably leads to another prominent culture over in Oz, with Neighbours-esque gossipers galore pouring out their secrets over a cup of coffee.  See real life Madge Bishops and Lyn Scullys in action, just make sure they’re not chin-wagging about you!

8 Musical surrounds

Neighbours has a multitude of links to the music industry, from Kylie and Jason to Holly Valance and Delta Goodrem, with a little bit of acoustic Karl Kennedy thrown in.  Expect vibrant music scenes in most Australian cities, although the tastes have changed a tad from the days of Especially for You.

9 Ordering a beer

Keen Neighbours viewers may have noticed the size of the beers served in Lou’s Place. Remember Paul and Tad’s 18th?  They appear to be half pints. This is actually called a scoona. It’s essential knowledge when heading to the pubs. Which are actually usually called hotels, even though you can’t book a room. Weird.

10 Schoolies

Neighbours of course heavily features the travails of varying sets of school kids, and it is the ‘schoolies’ that you have to watch out for in real life.  The school holiday breaks are immortalised by the influx of youngsters to popular nightlife spots, so just check your dates to avoid an often unpleasant surprise..!

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