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12 of Dubai’s most jaw dropping hotel features

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Dubai is known the world over for being an extravagant playground for the world’s richest. But this clientèle comes with holiday luxury on a grand scale. We all have our own idea of luxury, and some of us are a little more reserved, the same however cannot be said for Dubai. With everything done on a grand scale, Dubai is anything but subtle and this is showcased throughout their fabulous array of hotels, which all have some pretty amazing features.


Take a look at our top 12 Dubai hotel features.

1.   Golden iPads

An iPad is considered a luxury item within itself, but at the Burj Al Arab hotel they’ve taken this western luxury and blown it out of all proportion by gold plating it, making this a 24-carat iPad worth nearly £7,000. This pricey piece of tech acts as a virtual concierge and, sadly for guests has to be returned upon departure.

2.   Burj Al Arab Hotel lobby

Walking into this lobby you’ll find 2,000 square metres of 22 carat gold leaf detailing, Italian marble, sculptures, a fountain and a height that reaches 590 feet.

3.   The Ritz Carlton Suite

Part of the attraction of these stunning hotels is the out-of-this world rooms they house. The Ritz Carlton Suite, found in Dubai’s Ritz Carlton Hotel, is home to some stunning features, which includes a home cinema. Imagine that!

4.   Royal Suite

It’s back to the Burj Al Arab, which encapsulates glitz and glamour from the front door to the rooftop, with its Royal Suite. Occupying the entire 25th floor, you can make the most of the four poster rotating bed and feel like a king as you descend the marble and gold staircase. There’s even a staff entrance and home cinema. Talk about glamour.

5.   JW Marriott Marquis Dubai

This place may be filled with fantastic features, such as rooftop bars, a spa and health club, banquet hall, swimming pool, gym, an auditorium and retail outlets, but it’s the hotel itself which has earned it a place on the list. With 72 stories, and standing at a whopping 1,165ft, this twin-tower skyscraper is the world’s tallest hotel – a remarkable feature within itself.

6.   Water Park at Atlantis

Atlantis, The Palm is one of Dubai’s most famous hotels, and contains one of the most amazing attractions around; a 42-acre water park. There are rapids, tidal waves and cascades in 2.3 Kilometre River ride, alongside seven waterslides. Two of them catapult riders through The Lost Chambers (shark filled lagoons), whilst you’ll also find the world’s highest slide. and a You can understand why we’re so impressed with this hotel.

7.   The Lost Chambers

Although you can ride through it on two of the amazing Atlantic water slides, The Lost Chambers deserves a shout out, as it is one of the best features throughout Dubai. This underwater exhibit features 11 million litres of water and more than 65,000 fish and sea creatures.

8.   Assawan Spa

Now it’s time to head back to the magnificence of the Burj Al Arab and its rather fancy spa. With relaxing massages and swims in private pools, complete with roses and souvenir robes, this is a spa where luxury is second nature; but with a cost of around $2,000 you’d expect it.

9.   The Underwater Suite

It’s back to the hotel rooms and this time we’re also back at Atlantis, checking into their underwater suite. This hotel is based upon the wonders of the ocean. In this suite you’ll find three floors separated by floor to ceiling windows giving you a face to face experience with the underwater aquarium and its 65,000 plus sea creatures.

10.            Grand Ski Chalet

A ski chalet in Dubai may sound crazy, but this is a place where nearly everything is possible and money is no option. Despite the scorching heat, Dubai does feature its own indoor ski slope, so obviously there’s a chalet to go with it. At the Kempinski Hotel you can confuse yourself with chalet views of Ski Dubai, making you feel like you’re in the middle of the Arctic – there’s even penguins shipped in from Texas Sea World.

11.            Dolphin Bay

There may be penguins at the Kempinski but the Atlantis takes its water inspired world one step further with everyone’s favourite sea animal; dolphins. Adding to the wonders of The Lost Chamber and the water park, you can also enjoy the amazing 4.5 hectare dolphin education and conservation centre.

12.            Hydropolis

With this place it’s not just one feature that makes it stand out, but the whole thing. Hydropolis is an underwater hotel, which covers an area similar to that of Hyde Park, with a land station, connecting train and everything completely underwater. This is one of Dubai’s finest features. However the hotel still hasn’t opened yet, so there’s time to save for a room.

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