Qantas has confirmed that the longest commercial non-stop flight in the world has been cleared for take-off. QF1 will spend 21 hours in the air, leaving Sydney in the evening and arriving in London the next morning, covering a whopping 10,978 miles.

Yep, you read that right, a 21 hour flight.

QF2, from London to Sydney, will leave prior to lunch and reach Sydney late afternoon the next day, flying a (still mind-blowing) 20 hours. From three-day journeys with seven required stops to a 21 hour flight, Project Sunrise, aptly named after the double sunrise travellers will witness, marks a huge hop forward for travellers on the Kangaroo route! Now, 21 hours is a heck of a long time to be sat like a sardine in a tin, but no fear, Netflights is here! We have a list of 21 things you can do on any long-haul flight.

Please be aware, we take no responsibility for any action taken against you upon the completion of this list…especially number 21.

1. Sick Bag Origami

A hand holds a paper plane.

2. Yoga

3. Real Life Guess Who

4. In-flight Karaoke

5. Learn a new language

6. Pedicure

7. Your laundry

8. Cloud shaping

9.  Talk to your neighbours

10.  Get a group selfie of the whole plane

11. Start a Conga Line behind the flight attendant’s trolley (even if it’s only you!)

12. Sing the person next to you a lullaby, very softly, as they’re falling asleep – and stop every time they open their eyes

13. Make it through the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time playlist

14. Shout ‘Can I have some more loo roll, please?’ from the loo down the entire length of the plane

15. Watch a movie

16. Do a workout

17. Take a nap

18. Make yourself a meal

19. Go round the plane trying to sell pain killers to fed-up parents

20. Emerge from the loo in a pair of striped pyjamas, a dressing gown and a green facemask


21. Join the Mile High Club!

Fancy heading to Sydney but not quite up for a 21 hour stint (or too chicken to complete our checklist)? That’s cool, Netflights still has your back with some mega cheap flight deals to the land Down Under. See ya later, alligator…

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