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25 world wonders that Instagram was made for

By March 14, 2014 November 6th, 2018 No Comments

1. Head to Joshua Tree National Park in California and treat your Instagram account to shots of spectacular granite formations and desert life.

2. The Great Ocean Road on Australia’s south coast will throw up some amazing shots, be sure to stop off and snap the Twelve Apostles!

3. Fiordland National Park in New Zealand is one of the country’s beacons of natural beauty – tall peaks, deep fiords and stunning waterfalls all shine bright.

4. For some of the most fun shots you’ll see, add a dose of man to nature and generate those epic perspective shots courtesy of Bolivia’s salt plains.

5. Stick with South America and head towards the foothills of the Argentinian Andes, which can be explored from a base in Mendoza.

6. Back up north, beware the black bears of Ontario’s Algonquin Park in Canada, and point your lens at the natural refinement in the company of moose and beaver!

7. For a shot that will be the envy of your followers, turn your contrast up and capture the Rainbow Mountains in China.

8. The world’s largest area of continuous sand, the Rub’ Al-Khali in Oman translates as the ‘Empty Quarter’, so if it’s an untouched landscape you’re after, search no more!

9. The Seychelles is hugely protected in terms of looking after its land, meaning you can get awesome pics of the many pristine powdery beaches.

10. For a different variety of powder, Morzine is a stunning example of French Alpine beauty, where your Instagram fix can be fed via ski or walking boot.

11. Spend some time in Tibet to soak up an awe-inspiring atmosphere that will yield plenty of picturesque photos courtesy of the stunning Himalayas.

12. Ilha Grande can be found not too far away from Rio de Janeiro, and thanks to its lack of roads and remoteness, is ideal for pics devoid of human-folk.

13. You won’t find roads in Fiji’s Yasawa Islands either, where little outboard engine boats will ferry you around the turquoise waters to find yet another perfect white-sand beach.

14. If you’re keen for a history lesson to go along with your snaps, head to Queensland’s Daintree National Park in Australia, with its 110 million-year-old rainforest.

15. If your Instagram is packed with an infatuation with wildlife, the Galapagos Islands are the place for you – iguanas, giant tortoises, penguins, whales, the list goes on!

16. Although tourism has sculpted the walkways of Iguazu Falls on the border of Argentina and Brazil, they do afford incredible opportunities for pictures.

17. Get your geological cap on to figure out how the conical formations of Cappadocia in Turkey came about, before snapping away to your heart’s content!

18. The Namib Desert in Namibia makes up for its lack of people with an abundance of wildlife, including around a quarter of the world’s population of cheetahs.

19. The rugged terrain of Papua New Guinea means it remains largely unexplored by humans, and its landscape makes for a stunning photo op.

20. Land hits water in epic fashion typical of the Californian coastline at Montaña De Oro State Park, six miles south of Morro Bay, where you can snap away at the picturesque cliffs and surf.

21. Roughly the same size as California, yet nowhere near as inhabited, is Kiribati in Micronesia, some 2,500 miles southwest of Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean, boasting white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters.

22. How about trying Hawaii itself, and the majestic volcanic island of Kauai, which yields the 3,500-foot-deep Waimea Canyon.

23. If night-time photography is your thing, seek out the Atacama Desert in Chile and witness one of the world’s most unspoilt astronomical spots.

24. The cliffs of the Great Australian Bight stretch over 700 miles along the country’s southern coast, meaning there are plenty of spots to snap the enticing turquoise waters.

25. A final wildcard thought, if you can brave the cold..!  Through its inhospitable nature Antarctica is the only continent never to be settled in by humans, resulting in some of the world’s most untouched scenery.