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5 Melbourne bars to help discover your ‘inner hipster’

By March 20, 2014 November 6th, 2018 No Comments

Headed for Melbourne?  Got your skinny jeans and pointy treads on?  Got that hairdo’ quaffed and lookin’ fly?  Tattoo appointment booked on Chapel Street, maybe to get inked with a cat, sloth or edgy triangle?  Then all you need to complete your foray into the hipster movement is some recommendations for a few hip hangouts to relax and enjoy a drink and maybe let those tussled trestles down for a little wiggle.  Be careful though, once somewhere becomes well-known as a hipster hangout, it’s no longer hip..!


The Grace Darling Hotel

Oh darling, you simply must start here!  The Grace Darling Hotel is a vegetarian friendly gastro pub named after the sea-fairing maiden of the same moniker, who sailed the seven seas in the 19th century in search of a shipwreck.  Accordingly, the decor boasts galleon-themed wallpaper and plentiful flickering candles, and upstairs is lit up by regular live melodies that are at the forefront of the local musical tapestry.

The Brunswick Green

Close enough to the city to still be considered a Melbournite, yet far enough away to distance yourself from the crowds, Brunswick is the ideal hipster hangout, with the Brunswick Green right at the top of the list.  Get yourself seen out in the beer garden, or when the wintery chill sets in, head inside and enjoy the souped-up pub environment, where everything is, well, just a little nicer than your usual local!

Mr Wow’s

Just the homepage on Mr Wow’s website will make the hipster hairs on your neck stand up.  A now celebrated hipster-style piece of headgear adorns a bonce that is framed by a quite majestic moustache in an old-school tattoo style depiction of a quite simply resplendent looking gent.  Self-styled “purveyors of fine drinks, good times and bocce”, Mr Wow’s interior is lavished with brick, wood and quirky murals, a sure-fire hit on the hipster scene.

The Birmingham Hotel

Treated to a makeover last year, trendy Fitzroy’s Birmingham has moved away from a more sinister past to become a vibrant and popular hangout that will appeal to that hidden hipster-Hyde!  Donning its flat cap to the ‘Workshop of the World’, its English namesake, with a BSA Bantam motorbike hoisted up in the wooden eaves, the Birmy offers a selection of nouveau-chic mini sliders, of course catering to the necessary vegetarian visitors.

Blondie Bar

Blondie’s really do have more fun at this up-and-coming spot in the Southbank area just the other side of the Yarra River from the city centre.  Set in the arts precinct, flanked by the Melbourne Theatre Company and Recital Centre, the bar and French-Asian themed restaurant is popular amongst thespians and hipsters alike. Relax outside by Southbank Boulevard for a quieter cocktail or during the busy pre- and post-show rushes, the patio heaters will keep you content during the cooler winter months. Remember to sample the dumplings, fish cakes and other tasty treats.