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5 sports teams to watch in New York

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Watching sporting fixtures in other countries is a cultural experience like no other. How can you truly say you understand a culture until you’ve seen a grown man scream, fight and cry in public?!

Well this is your chance. Greater New York is home to more than 20 million people and they’re blessed in the sporting department – let’s have a look at 5 of their most famous teams and see if you can manage to attend a fixture in your next trip to the big apple:

1)      The New York Yankees: Major League Baseball’s most famous export, a global sporting brand and an emblem synonymous with the city it belongs to.

The Yankee’s stadium (ingeniously named the ‘Yankee Stadium’) is found in the Bronx. They are the most successful baseball team in history, and some of baseball’s most famous names have worn their famous shirt such as Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio

Their season runs from April to October so if your paying a winter visit, it’s a great opportunity to catch a game.

2)      The New York Giants: The longest running member of the NFL (National Football League, that’s ‘American football’ to us Europeans), the Giants are the third most successful team in NFL history.

The Giants are actually based at the New Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey but only a mere 10km from mid-town Manhattan so still easily within reaching distance from your trip to NYC. Their season runs from September to February.

3)      The New York Knicks: Actually the NY Knickerbockers – the basketball team is a member of the NBA (National Basketball Association) and play their home games at the world famous Madison Square Garden – all the more reason to catch a game here. The stadium is a tourist attraction in its own right, so to watch an NBA game here too would be a treat indeed.

Their season runs from October to April and these guys play a LOT of games so you’re chance of landing on game day is quite strong.

4)      The New York Red Bulls: One of the biggest names in the MLS (Major League Soccer). A new kid on the block, as this list only founded in 1995 but the Red Bulls are growing in popularity throughout the country. They can currently brag about having Thierry Henry, one of the best footballers of his generation and a World Cup winner to boot, on their books.


The MLS runs March to November and you can catch the Red Bulls at the Red Bull Arena in Harrison, New Jersey.

5)      The New York Rangers: A former team of Wayne Gretzky and members of the NHL (National Hockey League) since 1926, the Rangers were the first side to bring the Stanley Cup to the USA.

These guys also play at Madison Square Garden, and their season runs from October to April.

There you have it – to truly know New York, you have to know their people. And to know their people, you have to know their sports. So choose your team, buy a shirt, and get yourself a hot dog and start singing!

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