Packing for a holiday can be a stressful time, especially with the fear of forgetting something hanging over you. Dubai in particular can be a tricky one to pack for, especially when it comes to clothing. Thankfully, with so much advice out there on wardrobe essentials, getting the outfit right is becoming easier by the day.

But what about little things we may not think of, or tips we’ve overseen in our packing haste? Below we’ve listed 6 Dubai essentials that you may want to consider when packing for your holiday.

6 essentials that could make or break your Dubai holiday

Lip balm

Where winter can leave your lips cracked and sore, the heat of Dubai can be just as bad as the cold weather; so take lip balm as a precautionary measure.


For the ladies out there, many locations in Dubai adhere to strict rules about clothing, therefore covering your head and hair is necessary when visiting many places of interest; particularly when walking around some less-liberal areas. Therefore, always carry a scarf or pashmina with you so you can cover up if you need to. Due to the heat in Dubai, indoor areas such as the malls have air-con, which can leave you a little chilly at times - pashminas are excellent for coping with the chill.


Make sure you pack some sandals or flip flops to air your feet whilst out and about. If you're quite active and plan on partaking in some desert activities, ensure you take more suitable footwear such as walking boots, which will help you with the tougher terrain.

Extra currency

The cost of living can be quite high in Dubai, so where you may save on luxury items like clothing and perfume; food and taxis can cost that little bit extra. So when you decide on an amount of cash to take with you, it may be helpful to add a little bit extra just to be on the safe side.

Larger case

Dubai is well known for its shopping facilities, and when you're here chances are you'll indulge yourself a little bit. So when you're packing at home, opt for a slightly larger case and don't pack as much as you normally would - this leaves room to purchase items at a lower cost whilst there. If you don't pack as many clothes, don't worry, as many hotels in Dubai offer a laundry service.

Plastic bottles

We don't mean stock up on empty water bottles and take them with you. But when you're there always keep a bottle of water on you, and when it's empty don't throw it away; keep it and fill it up. You'll thank us in the heat, and you won't spend a fortune on bottled water.

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