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7 Local Foods You’re Going To Fall in Love With In 2014

By February 25, 2014 No Comments

 local foods

1 Xiao Long Bao – China

Literally translated as ‘little basket-steamed buns’, the conversion into English may as well be ‘little parcels of heaven’..!  Originating from China, Xiao Long Bao is readily available throughout Southeast Asia, with Singapore particularly proficient in the art.  Often containing pork and vegetables with an intoxicating soup filling, make sure the buns are sufficiently cooled before dipping them into your soy, vinegar and chilli, then allowing the divine explosion to set off fireworks in your mouth!

2 Kushari – Egypt

Consisting of four different sources of carbohydrate, this dish will give you plenty of energy to get some serious sightseeing done on your jollies to the Land of the Pharaohs.  Drawing on influences from Europe, Latin America and Asia, pasta, rice, lentils and chickpeas are combined with ingredients such as tomato sauce, garlic and caramelised onions to create one of Egypt’s most popular dishes over the last century.

3 Currywurst – Germany

Everyone knows that the Germans are expert at producing sausages, but what you may not be aware of is that one of the country’s most popular fast food choices is currywurst, which sees sliced pork sausage doused in lashings of ketchup and generously besprinkled with curry powder.  Such is the popularity of this rebel take on the world of wurst, around 70 million of them are consumed each year.

4 Feijoada – Brazil

With origins wrapped up in Brazil’s slavery when a Portuguese colony centuries back, those with a disposition for strong meaty tastes will end up a slave to the feijoada.  A variety of salted pork or beef products are usually combined with black beans to form a hugely flavoursome slow-cooked stew.  If you’re into your pork scratchings or beef jerky, this dish really will be one for you.

5 Kobe beef – Japan

If you’re heading to the Land of the Rising Sun, be sure to sample the luckiest cow of all, an animal for whom the sun always shines!  Said to be massaged from birth and fed beer, life is good for this strain of Wagyu cattle, which is renowned for its flavour, tenderness and marbling.  Enjoy raw, thinly sliced and gently stewed, or as a big, butch steak, it’s a real treat for lovers of beef.

6 Nasi Goreng – Indonesia

The national dish of Indonesia, nasi goreng can be found at the finest restaurants or on the smallest street corners.  Effectively the country’s take on fried rice, it is a delicious staple that sees ingredients such as garlic, chilli, onion and coriander added to the rice and shrimp paste.  Try it with chicken, prawns, anchovies or a fried egg on top for a little variety, and get ready to have a pop at making it yourself when you get home!

7 Baklava – Greece

Finish off your moussaka or souvlaki with a delectable serving of baklava, a sweet treat worthy of helping the ouzo go down nicely!  Layers of phyllo dough are separated with melted butter and generous lashings of cinnamon-spiced nuts with a sweet syrup or honey drizzled on top.  Loosen those belt buckles as you sit back and relax in your Mediterranean bliss.

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