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8 strange USA tourist attractions

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Land of the free, home to the strange! Check out some of the most bizarre tourist attractions in the USA, from giant balls of string to costumed cockroaches…

The House on the Rock located in Spring Green, Wisconsin is an elaborate house built into the side of a cliff. Erected as a weekend retreat, the strange architecture features an enormous collection of antiques displayed in every room giving it an eerie feel. The carousel room contains the world’s largest merry-go-round that spins continuously during business hours. The ultimate highlight of this oddity is the Infinity Room. This 218-foot-long glass hallway amazes the senses when visitors journey to the end of the hall as it teeters vicariously suspended off a cliff 156 feet above ground.

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In The Oregon Vortex of Gold Hill, Oregon sits the House of Mystery. This small mining shack slid from its foundation in the early 1900s and now sits severely tilted giving it the funhouse affect. Skeptics debate whether it’s an optical illusion or the bizarre work of magnetic fields. With brooms standing on their own, bottles rolling uphill and things hanging at odd angles, this strange area of natural phenomena challenges all acceptable theories.

The Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota is an elaborate castle made of corn and other grains that’s large enough to hold a rodeo. Now featuring husk-made Russian-style turrets, settlers once used produce to decorate the palace to showcase the fertility of the soil. To honor farmers, local artists decorate the exterior of this farmland fortress with murals each summer.

Freeport, Maine is home to a 300-acre stretch of sandy land known as the The Desert of Maine. An intriguing anomaly created by a glacier 11,000 years ago, this sandy expanse resurfaced in the 19th century after overgrazing and poor rotation of crops increased the soils erosion. Although no camels can be found here, the desert offers hiking trails, tram tours and camping sites.

Two unique replicas in two different cities play homage to England’s mysterious Stonehenge in the oddest ways. Carhenge in Alliance, Nebraska is a life-size replica made by stacking 38 gray spray-painted cars rescued from the junkyard. While Foamhenge in Natural Bridge, Virginia is a full-size replica made of styrofoam originally made as an April Fool’s Day joke.

A weird roadside attraction is the Twine Ball in Darwin, Minnesota. The twine wrapping began in 1950 and continued until 1989 when it became known as the world’s largest Twine Ball. Wrapped until the ball weighs 17,400 pounds and measures 40 feet in diameter, it is now the center of the Twine Ball Days Festival held every August.

Perhaps the strangest attraction of all is the Cockroach Hall of Fame in Plano, Texas. Once people screamed at these disgusting bugs, now they are amused by roach corpses posed in full costume in tiny dioramas throughout the museum. Visitors also find amusement in sets such as Liberoachi playing his piano and a beautiful blonde Marilyn Monroach. The exhibits aren’t the only oddity; odder yet is the barbecue-flavored dried roach-larvae treats offered by the museum.

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