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Around the world in 750ml

By September 12, 2013 No Comments

Here in the UK we have a certain culture that’s known throughout the world; the culture of drinking. Whether we’re celebrating or commiserating, we like to have a drink. And going on holiday isn’t any different. We relish the thought of relaxing with a cocktail next to the pool or on a beach in exotic climates.

Years ago partying in Ibiza with cheap cocktails may have seemed like the best way to enjoy alcohol abroad. But what about the different types of alcohol from around the world; in particular, the different types of wine? The truth is, some of the best wines come from around the world and with cheap flights to Australia, the USA, South Africa and the majority of Europe, you could be sampling the wines of the world before you know it.


Expensive tastes

Over the years wine has got rather expensive, with wine snobs looking down on those who pick up a cheap bottle for under a fiver. But with some of the most expensive wines in the world hailing from France and retailing at a staggering $16,193, or £10,352, you can start to see the perks of a £4.50 bottle from the local super market.

But good wine doesn’t stop in France. In fact some of the best wines come from across the world, and they don’t cost the same amount as a small car.

More for your money

A list of the ‘Best Value Wines in the World’[1], based on the knowledge of the world’s top wine critics; found that wines from Italy, Australia, Spain, California, Austria and Germany came out top in the ‘Wine around $10’ list. These wines had a price variation of $9-$11 (£5.75 – £7); giving you greater value for money.

Of course for all you wine fans out there, this provides the perfect opportunity to create a unique holiday that you’ve never experienced before; one where you can see the sights and sample fine wines.

With the list continuing to give you the ‘Top Wines around $20’ and so on, you have a definitive list of places to visit, where you can sample some of the best wines according to the critics.

So pack your case, prepare yourself for some beautiful sights and head around the world in 750ml.

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