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Around the world in a pint

By December 17, 2013 No Comments

Going travelling or heading on holiday is always an exciting time. You’ve decided on the perfect holiday destination or destinations, researched the local attractions and of course set your budget.

You’ve thought about the cost of transport, accommodation, and day trips, but how do you really know how much you’ll be spending on food and drink. Street food might be top of your list of local flavours, or perhaps you’re looking for something a bit more expensive. Either way it’s difficult to know exactly how much your daily intake of food will cost before you head on your travels. For some of us, the cost of a beer is as important (and in many cases even more so), than the cost of food. Here we give you a head’s up on what to expect when it comes to your beer money.


Our Top Picks for a Cheap Pint

Tajikistan – You may not have heard of this little landlocked country in central Asia, but in amongst the mountain filled landscape you’ll find a pint for the equivalent of 30p.

Panama – This beautiful place is the southernmost country of Central America, and is surrounded by the likes of the Caribbean, Colombia and Costa Rica; providing some excellent weather. But luckily you can cool down here with a 32p pint.

Bhutan – Located at the eastern end of the Himalayas, this landlocked country in South Asia is in fact known as the Kingdom of Bhutan. Complete with subtropical plains and amazing peaks, some of which are 7,000 meters. Even though the peaks are high, the pints are cheap at an amazing 36p.

Burundi – Found in the great lakes region of Eastern Africa, this place is filled with local tradition, with dancing being very popular, and is home to the world famous Royal Drummers of Burundi. It also boasts a rather reasonable 37p pint.

Madagascar – Made famous by the animated movie, you won’t see any talking penguins here unfortunately. However this island, located in the Indian Ocean, is just off the coast of Africa and is famed for its diverse wildlife – along with its drink prices of 38p.

Myanmar – Also known as Burma, this country is bordered by the likes of China, Thailand, India, Laos and Bangladesh; making it an amazing spot for tourists. For 38p you could stop for a few drinks whilst making your way through its bordering neighbours.

Rwanda – Found in central east Africa, Rwanda is known for its amazing subtropical climate, and is one of the only countries where mountain gorillas can be visited safely. It’s also one of the cheapest places for a swift drink at 38p.

Sounds like a bargain if you ask us.

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