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Australia invites the world for dinner with Restaurant Australia

By September 10, 2014 No Comments

We all know Australia as an incredibly beautiful and diverse country. It’s got the beaches, the bush, the wildlife, the surf and the fantastic outdoor lifestyle, but what about Australia’s foodie scene?


With a growing interest in food and wine, Tourism Australia has launched a new campaign called Restaurant Australia. The $10million campaign launched in May 2014 with the aim to show the exceptional food and wine experiences being served-up in remarkable locations across the country.

What’s it about?

Restaurant Australia aims to highlight the delicious delights from the country and place Australia on the map for culinary tourism. Consumer research has found ‘food and wine’ to be a key influencer when choosing a holiday destination. Food and wine even comes ahead of ‘world class beauty’ and highlights the importance of food and the emotive connection we have with it.

Australia is home to so many foodie delights and there are many unique experiences surrounding food. Visitors will find much more than just ‘throwing a shrimp on the barbie’ in Australia. Unfortunately, people who have never visited Australia are unaware of the amazing food on offer. Just 26% of people who had never visited believed Australia to have a good food scene.

People who have had a holiday in Australia are aware of the country’s secret foodie scene. Australia ranks second in the world for its food and wine experiences and comes after culinary giant France and ahead of Italy.

The stories behind the businesses

Tourism Australia is asking local food and wine businesses to share their stories about how they came to be. Businesses can register at to share with the world what they’re bringing to the table. Tourism Australia is looking for unique and interesting stories about the people, history, products and connection to the region. Visitors will get to know the stories as well as the flavours from the country.

A stunning broadcast advert accompanies the campaign and focuses on the locations and scenery as well as the food. Tourism Australia aim to show that dining goes beyond the plate in Australia. Tourists are shown catching their own lobsters, eating a seafood picnic on the beach, taking a hot air balloon ride over the vineyards and then enjoying the locally produced wine, sipping champagne at Uluru at sunset and dining under the stars.

Social media will play a huge part in promoting the campaign as Tourism Australia showcases the best businesses through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+. They already have an incredibly large and loyal following across their social media channels with over 6 million followers on Facebook alone.

Tourism Australia is asking culinary businesses to use the hashtag #restaurantaustralia in their social media updates in order to help promote them.

Social media is also a great place for future visitors to begin their foodie adventure by researching what’s on offer via the hashtag.

Celebrity chefs such as Peter Gilmore, Kylie Kwong and Maggie Beer are involved with the campaign and it is thought these big names will help capture the attention and appetites of the world.