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What your body really needs before a long haul flight, is a good nutritious meal to get it through the energy sapping terminals and dehydrating plane ride. Problem being: Airport restaurants aren’t exactly known for their skill in the kitchen. Fast food, stale meal deals and high prices just about sum things up.
RewardExpert analysed thousands of reviews from the fifteen most trafficked airports outside of the US to find out where the best airport food is. Factors like pricing, restaurant opening hours, food quality and variety were all put under scrutiny to determine the best restaurants to eat in. Here are the results…

1. Sushiden – Narita International Airport, Tokyo, Japan

Japan famously has more Michelin stars than any other city in the world. The culture and tradition surrounding its food might well be the winning ingredient that’s made Japan’s international hub the out and out winner. Udon, yakitori, tonkatsu and of course sushi plus the talismanic self-pouring beer machine that never ceases to amaze.

Quality: 5.00
Price: 5.00
Diversity: 3.46
Overall: 4.7

2. Taoyuan International Airport, Taipei, Taiwan

A little more diversity and this Taiwanese airport would soar in ratings. Any experienced diner-outer will know smaller menus is a good thing and what other airport can say it offers handmade noodles? No doubt Taoyuan Airport will be feeling it deserves more but second place is not too shabby.

Quality: 4.40
Price: 4.10
Diversity: 2.69
Overall: 4.10

3. Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong, China

You might think the world’s third busiest airport would have more to worry about than its food and drink service but Hong Kong International is third in the dinner queue and the busy ranking. Consistency in its international eateries has been key to getting Hong Kong the bronze, Saboten in Terminal 1’s East Departure Hall is particularly good.

Quality: 4.17
Price: 3.35
Diversity: 4.04
Overall: 4.03

4. Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore

We’re in Asia again. The Imperial Treasure is the stand-out-spot in Singapore’s Changi that serves well executed Cantonese dishes in a subdued, elegant setting. Given the city states mash of cultures, reputation for fine food and history as a flight hub, it’s little wonder to find it so high up on this here list.

Quality: 3.96
Price: 3.95
Diversity: 3.85
Overall: 3.94

5. Amsterdam Airport Schipol, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Moving out of Asia, Europe’s Amsterdam scored well for quality and diversity but it’s unable to compete with its rivals on price. There’s high end and low end options. Funnily enough, Bowery Restaurant is singled out as its best restaurant – an Asian and grill joint. So not in Asia but Asian food.

Quality: 3.95
Price: 3.01
Diversity: 4.42
Overall: 3.88

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