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Christmas shopping in Dubai

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Christmas shopping in Dubai

Christmas shopping in Dubai

Teeming with malls, bazaars and souks, glamorous and sophisticated Dubai is the perfect destination for Christmas shopping. From designer pieces to unique Arabic goods, planning a trip out here will ensure you’ll find the perfect presents to pop under the tree.

Here’s a round-up of where to go.

For high-end fashion: The Dubai Mall

 Dubai loves being one step ahead of the rest of the world, doing everything bigger and better. Shopping, of course, is no different.

The Dubai Mall is recognised as housing the biggest collection of fashion labels in the world. Its Fashion Avenue stretches for an incredible 440,000 square feet and is home to haute couture, designer labels and high-end names. From fashion to footwear and furnishings and electronics, you can tick plenty of presents off the list here. Arabic fashion, gifts, leather goods and crafts are also found in the Dubai Mall.

The extravagant decor complements the gorgeous clothes, accessories and beautiful items that decorate the shop floors. You might even spot that perfect outfit for the Christmas party – and after all that hard work shopping, it’s only right that you treat yourself.

For jewellery: The Gold Souk

Gold, frankincense and myrrh are known as symbols of Christmas – so how about bringing some real gold back from your holiday in Dubai.

The great thing about buying gold here is you can get it cheaper – but you’ll need to get your haggling skills up to scratch first. Make sure you don’t accept the price you see and barter it down.

Just being in the gold souk is an experience in itself – you’ll find yourself surrounded by sparkling diamonds and platinum jewellery, making you feel as though you’ve been transported to a pirate’s treasure trove.

For even cheaper gold (although you will miss out on the atmosphere) head to the Gold and Diamond Park. If you have an idea of a unique piece that you want, the jewellers here can recreate it at a much lower cost.

For stocking fillers: The Mall of the Emirates

This huge, elegant mall is lovely to spend an afternoon in with its marble floors, huge glass skylight and spacious stores.

Housing everything from cosmetics superstores, department stores such as Harvey Nichols and an enormous Borders bookstore, you’ll be able to get all your stocking fillers here.

There is plenty to do if you fancy a break from shopping – restaurants, bars…even an indoor ski slope to keep you entertained.

For something different: Dubai’s unique souqs

You will find the best value on traditional goods in Dubai such as textiles, carpets, spices and perfume.

Head to the spice souq for an incredible range of aromatic herbs, such as saffron and frankincense – the perfect gift for foodie friends. The textile souq treats you to beautiful saris, slippers, and extravagant fabrics, while the antiques souq will allow you to buy beautiful old lambs, jewellery, and one off furniture pieces.

One thing is for sure, you’re unlikely to find someone else has bought Aunty Agg the same present as you, once you’ve been shopping in Dubai!.