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Dubai’s luxury five-star plus hotels

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While in Dubai, live like a king for a few days by immersing yourself in the luxury of a five-star, or better, hotel. Dubai is known for doing things bigger and better, and the hotel scene is no different. There are plenty to choose from, so here’s a list of some of the more unique ones to get you started. 

Armani Hotel Dubai, Five-Star Hotel

You’ll have full bragging rights when you stay in the Armani Hotel Dubai. Why, you ask? You’ll be staying in the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, amid beautiful and modern decor with an Italian flare. These suites are spacious with clean lines and accented with Ermosa stone floors and dark zebrawood. The rooms are located in the lower portion of the Burj Khalifa, so you won’t be getting the birds-eye view of the upper, nose-bleed section of this towering building, but you’ll be impressed nonetheless.

Al Qasr at Madinat Jumeirah, Five-Star Hotel

You’ll feel like a royal in this stunning luxury hotel. The Al Qasr is surrounded by water, only one of many spectacular features of this mansion-style resort. Its overall design is reminiscent of an old Arabian fortress. It is a study in opulence, but tastefully done with lovely ornate features that don’t overwhelm the senses. It has a huge private beach, and the surrounding water is used to transport guests to various facilities, from recreational to shopping. It’s a place right out of Aladdin, only minus the genie.

Raffles Dubai, Five-Star Hotel

The Raffles Hotel in Dubai, built in the shape of a pyramid, is an homage to the pyramids of Cairo, Egypt. You can’t miss it as it stands out from everything around it. Each room has its own private balcony and is decorated in a clean, modern look with gorgeous Egyptian-style furniture and accents. With its great outdoor pool and 10,000 square foot botanical garden, it’s an invitation into total relaxation. You’ll want to try the RED Lounge.Terrace (Yes, that’s how it’s printed) at the very top of the pyramid for some great Chinese cuisine.

The Address Dubai Marina, Five-Star Hotel

Imagine the fun you’ll have telling your friends where you’re staying. “Let me tell you where I’m staying, The Address.” “Yes, go on, the address is?” asks your friend in frustration after a moment’s pause. The name may seem a little pretentious but the luxury is not because you will surely be impressed. This 200-room luxury hotel sits on the marina where you can watch lovely yachts float by and enjoy one of five restaurants and lounges at The Address. The gorgeous beaches of the Arabian Gulf are just a short walk away or you can enjoy the infinity pool on the fourth floor with stunning views of the city.

Burj Al Arab, Five-Star Hotel (Officially)

The Burj Al Arab is a five-star hotel, but it has been dubbed the “only seven-star hotel in the world” by a journalist and not too many will dispute his assessment of this monumental landmark. From the outside, the hotel resembles a huge sail from a submerged boat rising up from the water off the coast. The interior decor is reminiscent of a royal palace, decorated in bold colors of gold and red. With their fleet of Rolls Royce cars and even helicopter service, the only thing missing from the Burj Al Arab is a complementary bejeweled crown and staff because you’ll surely feel like a king or queen during your stay.

While visiting Dubai, plan your accommodations in one of the city’s most decadent hotels. In Dubai, nothing is done half-way.

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