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Dubai: more than meets the eye

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Dubai: More than meets the eye

Discover the other side of Dubai

Dubai: More than meets the eye

What immediately springs to mind when you think of Dubai? Of course, there’s that incredibly futuristic skyline featuring the tallest building on earth – Burj Khalifa. You’re never far from an amazing view in Dubai. Then there are the designer boutiques and magnificent malls where you can shop in the utmost style. But the City of Gold is about so much more than skyscrapers and shopping.

Experience a rich cultural heritage

Behind Dubai’s ultra-modern cityscape lies an extremely rich history. It’s easy to escape the skyscrapers and immerse yourself in a wealth of Arabian culture. The Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood is one such cultural highlight, and parts of this area date back to the early 1900s. Take a tour to see traditional wind towers, bustling courtyards and a maze of winding alleyways. It’s an enchanting glimpse into the Dubai of a bygone era.

Discover a city of adventure

Famed for its spas and luxury hotels, Dubai is a well-known haven for relaxation. But did you know it’s also a magnet for adrenaline junkies? From skydiving to dune-bashing, there’s no shortage of adventure activities. Where else can you ski on snow, water and sand, all in the same day? If you’re a hardcore thrill-seeker, a sky-dive taking in the amazing aerial views over the city should be more than enough to take your breath away.

Explore the many flavours of Dubai

With such a diverse culinary scene, Dubai is a foodie’s haven. The city is a melting pot of nationalities with a spectacular range of cuisines from all over the world. Whether you’re seeking humble or high-end eateries to tantalise your taste buds, there really is something for everyone. Throw in fantastic food festivals plus a constant stream of uber-trendy pop-up restaurants, and it’s no wonder expats talk about putting on the ‘Dubai stone’.

Go camel trekking across the desert

Imagine taking a tour across the Arabian desert in a camel convoy before spending an evening of superb entertainment at a traditional Bedouin desert camp. With experts on hand to demonstrate local traditions such as falconry, music and dance, it’s an awe-inspiring trip. To top it all off, you’ll enjoy an authentic dinner under the stars.

Check out Dubai’s thriving art scene

From the hip Alserkal Avenue art district to the glossy galleries dotted around the Financial Centre, Dubai’s burgeoning art scene is a must-see for all art lovers. The Design District is the creative hub for emerging artists, while festivals like Art Dubai and Design Days bring international artists and collectors to the the city. Whether expanding your collection or seeking out local talent, there’s something aesthetically pleasing for everyone.
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