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Dubai’s Newest Attraction: The Miracle Garden

By March 23, 2013 No Comments

There is no shortage of amazing attractions in the city of Dubai. In fact, it can seem as if one attraction gets revealed every few days in this cosmopolitan city in the Middle East. While many of the tourism attractions aim to get people to forget about their location and head indoors, Dubai’s Miracle Garden is quite different. The giant garden is actually the world’s largest natural flower garden, and it is located almost entirely outdoors. Botanists will love the variety of plants on display, but the creative and colourful arrangement of the flowers will appeal to almost anyone visiting the city. Here is a traveller’s guide to appreciating and experiencing the Miracle Garden in Dubai.

What to Expect When Visiting the Miracle Garden in Dubai
Above all else, expect to be in awe when visiting the 72,000 Miracle Garden. The garden boasts a staggering number of flowers in almost every color, size and arrangement possible. Although the number of flowers changes on a daily basis due to natural blooming patterns and life cycles, estimates hover around 45 million bulbs for most of the year. You will come across ordinary flowers like roses, lilies and marigolds, but you will also see exotic flowers more often found in the jungles of Asia or South American than in the deserts of the Middle East. The flower beds are found on many different tiers and levels, and there are even arches shaped like hearts that mark out romantic passageways to walk through.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Growing a Garden in the Deserts of Dubai
Trying to grow a garden in the desert is not easy, but the Miracle Garden manages to do it incredibly well. Although Dubai has a reputation for not being an environmentally-friendly location, this attraction has employed scientists, gardeners and environmentalists from around the world to create a progressive garden in an unexpected place. Techniques like installing surrounding the gardens with tall trees to protect against wind and soil loss and using waste water for drip irrigation help to limited the wasted resources in the garden. Although the Miracle Garden is certainly beautiful, it is so popular in large part because of its breakthroughs in the world of gardening, resource allotment and water conservation.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Location, Fees and When to Visit
Due to the incredibly hot temperatures between June and September, the Miracle Garden will be completely closed during that time. The heat makes growing flowers almost impossible, and travelers were reluctant to spend time outside when the temperatures were so high. During the rest of the year, the garden is open from nine in the morning until nine at night. On Saturdays and Sundays, the garden stays open until midnight. Adults should expect to pay 20 Dhs as their admission fee, but children under the age of three will be admitted for free. Once you are in the Miracle Garden, there are rest rooms, a small cafe and plenty of shade if it is necessary. The Miracle Garden is conveniently between Jumeirah Village and Dubai Motor City, which makes it accessible to visitors and locals alike.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Future Additions
Although the Miracle Garden in Dubai is already open for business, there are plans for its continued growth in the coming months and years. Plant nurseries will enable plants to grow from seed to maturity within the garden, which will cut costs in the future. In addition, the Miracle Garden has plans to include a shopping center and several new restaurants on the premises.

If you love flowers or you just want to see something different in the city of Dubai, make sure to explore the incredible Miracle Garden, which boasts millions of flowers despite the inhospitable desert climate.

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