Five places to enjoy a sunny Christmas

If you too would prefer dry weather to dry turkey, why not jet off somewhere far away for a sunny Christmas? It’s not a cheap time of year to travel, this is true but then, Christmas is an expensive time of year whatever you do.

Besides, last minute bargains certainly do happen and if you’re not so lucky, well now is the time to find low airfare prices for Christmas 2018. Here’s a list of some of the most popular places for a sunny Christmas.

Sandmen in Australia

What do you do in the southern hemisphere at Christmas? Well, it’s hot here so – grill, swim, lay on the beach and make sandmen not snowmen. In Perth you can take part in the festivities in the build up to Christmas like the switching on of the lights and the Twilight Hawkers and Princess May Christmas markets. Closer to the 25th take a drive down to the Margaret River region where it’s cooler than the big city and explore caves and vineyards. In the new year, you’ll be able to fly direct to Perth from London with Qantas. Compare current airfares to Perth today.

A sunny Christmas in South Africa

You might be angling to tick the big five off the safari list but how about penguins? The Arctic penguin colony on Boulder’s Beach lives there year round and there are killer views of Table Mountain.  Temperatures are on the up at this time of year (expect a sunny Christmas of 25 degrees Celsius) beckoning people into the outdoors. Rent a car and sample some Christmas vintages (Stellenbosch and Franschhoek) on the drive down from Cape Town. Book well in advance though for cheap flights to South Africa as this is a popular time of year.

Escape it all in Bora Bora

If you’re looking to escape the Christmas bedlam and madness entirely, cast your eyes to the Southern Pacific. Not even Santa makes it this far – it’s too far out. It might well be the wet season but there are still plenty of days of sunshine to be had and there’s less crowds too. Luxury hotels put on cocktail evenings and you can Christmas shop for exotic gifts to take home at the Village de Noel. Search for last minute flights to French Polynesia today.

Spread it out in Mexico

In true Mexican fiesta style, sunny Christmas’ here are extrapolated across the whole of December, rather than one day. The nine evenings before Christmas Eve are marked with candlelit posadas (processions) that finish at house with a star shaped piñata hung up. December 28th here has become a kind of April Fool’s Day and gifts are traditionally given to children later, on the sixth of January. There’s no danger of cold weather, December averages are a balmy 24 degrees Celsius so its prime beach time. Airline prices peak in December so book your Mexican holiday well in advance.

Thailand – a classic sunny Christmas destination

Real popular for a sunny Christmas. Instead of the spicy aromas of mulled wine and baking mince pies, smell lemongrass incense and wok-tossed chilli and ginger. December is a busy time of year for the islands of the south so definitely schedule in some down time in the more relaxed Thai spirit of the north. The weather is cool and dry at this time of year so take your Christmas morning walk under the shade of tropical evergreen forest rather than snow laden pine needles. Find cheap flights to Thailand with Netflights.