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Holiday Photography Essentials – Part 3

By May 12, 2012 No Comments

Guest Posting – Today we have the third in a series of guest postings from Susan Sloan who is a photographer based in Scotland this time she shares tips on taking candid photos on holiday. You can read Susan’s previous posting here.

You might not need all of these every day you are away but here are a few important photography items you should remember to pack before you go.

Camera bag

If you are taking anything larger than a pocket sized digital camera you will need to take some kind of camera bag with you. If you are going somewhere hot remember to take something that won’t melt (so no thin silicone or rubber cases) or heat up to an uncomfortable degree, like a bag with lots of metal clips or buckles. As tempting as it is to buy a custom camera bag it is probably also a wise idea to avoid anything that too obviously advertises expensive camera equipment, particularly if you are visiting tourist hotspots where theft can be an issue. A nice sturdy, canvas record bag or shoulder bag would be ideal.


Don’t forget to take extra batteries, chargers or charger cables needed for any photographic devices you take with you including flash guns etc. Also remember to take extra batteries out with you each day.

Upload cables

If you plan on taking your laptop on holiday it is worth taking your upload cable with you so that you can get a proper look at your photos at the end of each day instead of having to wait until you get home. This is also a good idea from the perspective of backing up your photos too.

Memory cards

Remember your memory! It’s a good idea to take extra memory cards with you in case you just can’t stop snapping!


Ok, so I know that sounds crazy but there are lots of fantastic, lightweight mini-trpods on the market these days perfect for popping in your suitcase. My personal favourite is the GorillaPod (

Lens Wipes

The combination of suntan lotion, fingers and camera lenses is not always a happy one so unless you want all your photos to turn out ‘romantically’ blurred it’s a good idea to pack some of these!

Eye for a photo

Not so much something you can pack, but make sure you’ve got it with you at all times all the same!

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