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Malaysian Grand Prix for $10 USD

By May 3, 2011 No Comments

Jenson Button - Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

Asia offers travelers something that our own Western countries simply can not- good value for money. I’m not talking about street food, beers and dodgy accommodation here (although all those are great too) but activities, days out and excursions.

Where in Western Europe or North America could you have a full day out for $10 USD? In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia you get 3 full days at the Formula 1 Grand Prix for that price – that is nothing short of amazing.

The Malaysian F1 Grand Prix is normally the second or third race each year and is held in April. They race at the Sepang International Circuit which is about 50km from Kuala Lumpur city centre, although on race days there are countless buses running back and forth from the city to the track, they take about an hour and cost $3. Equally, the circuit is only 10 minutes from KL airport and there are constant shuttle busses running to and from the track. If your cheap flight gets you in ridiculously early in the morning, then you can head straight to circuit and start reveling in the experience.

Of course all tickets don’t cost $10 USD and if you want prime seats in the Grand Stand, where the racers will cross the link, then be prepared to splash the cash as tickets can run to almost $4000! But if you want a great experience on a budget, then book your cheap tickets early (at least three months before) and prepare yourself for an awesome time. If you turn up on the day, with no prior booking, you can still get tickets for $20, so don’t worry if you’re not that well organized!

So admittedly the $10 tickets are the lowest category, which means you have to sit on a grassy bank, basking in the 30 degree weather with friendly locals offering you food and drinks all day – sounds horrible, I know. The lowest category ticket still gives you access to the circuit for the practice on Friday, the qualifying on Saturday and the competition race on Sunday. If you go to the practice day on Friday, regardless of your ticket classification, you’ll have full access to the Grand Stand.

Remember when you go to the Sepang Circuit to take plenty of sunscreen, any of the lower caliber tickets offer no cover and the Malaysian sun is hot hot hot, sun stroke and a fluorescent red face does not contribute to the awesome time you can have.

One word of caution too; you aren’t supposed to bring in any of your own food or drinks and once you enter the circuit that stuff is very expensive, especially for Malaysia.

So next time you think about Formula 1 with all its glitz and glamour, just take a second and remember you can be sitting there, soaking up the atmosphere for 3 whole days for the same price of a Subway Meal – all you have to do is take the plunge. Happy Travels!

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