We take a look back at the most on time airlines in the world for 2017. From airBaltic’s exemplary punctuality to Ryanair’s shortcomings. Notable airports are based in the super efficient Japan, calling on memories of the train driver who sued for forgiveness from his train passengers after leaving 20 seconds early.

These figures are pulled from OAG (the UK based digital authority on flights worldwide) who only feature the airlines that they possess over 80% of flight data for. Read on to find out the most on time, the least on time and the downright ugliest airlines from 2017.

THE GOOD – top 10 most punctual airlines

airBaltic pipped first place for the most on time airline for 2017. Based in Latvia’s capital Riga since 1995, it managed to deliver just over ninety percent of its flights on time in 2017. Passengers will also have been pleased with the wider seats and overhead storage available in their Bombardier C Series planes. Not bad (or ugly) at all. Fly with airBaltic from London to their Latvian base in Riga or the city of Tallin, the capital of Estonia. You can order your meal when you purchase your ticket and pay in Bitcoin. Snazzy.

Least punctual airlines:

  • airBaltic – 90.01% OTP
  • Hong Kong Airlines – 88.83%
  • Hawaiian Airlines – 87.24%
  • Copa Airlines – 86.39%
  • Qantas Airways – 86.18%
  • Japan Airlines – 85.27%
  • Vueling Airlines – 85.25%
  • Jetstar Asia – 85.08%
  • Skymark Airlines – 85.00%
  • Aer Lingus – 84.46%

THE GOOD – the world’s most punctual airports

These airports operate at the highest efficiency, all bringing in over eighty percent of their flights on time. Japan made things look easy, as things seem like they should be when your flight is delayed, right?

“Mega” – Tokyo Haneda – 86.75%

“Major” – Minneapolis St Paul – 85.72%

“Large” – Osaka – 88.45%

“Medium” – Birmingham – 89.52%

“Small” – Tenerife – 90.05%

THE BAD – the world’s latest airlines

According to OAG’s report things start off with a small cluster around the South China Sea; Xiamen Airlines Company and Philippines AirAsia Inc. both scraped 58%. But things get worse. Air Inuit, a northerly Canadian carrier, managed only 44.6% of its flights.

Least punctual airlines:

Xiamen Airlines Company – 58.3%

Philippines AirAsia Inc. – 58.0%

Sunwing Airlines Inc. – 57.9%

Cebu Pacific Air – 57.6%

SATA International-Azores Airlines S.A. – 57.1%

Indonesia AirAsia X – 56.8%

LACSA-Lineas Aereas Costarricenses – 54.2%

Shenzhen Airlines – 53.5%

AVIOR Airlines – 53.1%

Air Inuit – 44.6%

THE UGLY – the worst airline of 2017

After adding 400,000 flight cancellations and attempts to avoid compensation payout to their long list of misdemeanours, Ryanair are surely the ugliest airline of 2017. There’s a long distance between cheap and cheapskates, or so it seems. Previous antics by the Ireland based airline include cabin baggage charges (effective January 2018), refusal of refunds, ticket print charges and even a hint of a mid-flight toilet fee. Perhaps it’s their mean spirit more than their bad service that makes them Europe’s most hated airline? Ugly as charged.

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