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Our favourite travel blog posts

By December 2, 2011 One Comment

One of the best things about the travel industry is that it’s something that lots of people get really excited about. From families about to jet off on their first holiday together to travellers who have a whole list of destinations to visit, travel always manages to put a smile on someone’s face. There’s nothing better than hearing about trips which have gone well, and finding out insider tips for a city from someone who has already been there – which is one of the reasons we’re always reading travel blogs!

Whether we’re looking for inspiration for our next trip, investigating the top up-and-coming destinations or just updating our knowledge about a great place, reading travel blogs is a much loved way to feel connected to travellers all over the world. We’ve been really impressed with some blog posts we’ve stumbled upon recently – here are our favourite blog posts and the reasons why we love them.

Southern Beaches of Bali – Surf, Sand and Party – a post by Susana of Always Twirling.
Susana’s overview of the southern beaches of Bali really hit the spot on a cold, windy November afternoon. The information about where to find cheap accommodation, good places to surf and the party scene is interesting and concise, and her tips are exactly the kind of information a first time traveller will appreciate. Her photos make us want to leave the cold UK for the sunny beaches of Bali too!

Prickly Cactus Fruit Wants to Hurt You (that’s just its nature) – a post by Mike Powell of Palermo For 91 Days.
This is a unique post from Mike, who illustrates the dangers of playing with Cactus fruit – something we don’t see very often here in the UK! As well as introducing to us a traditional and popular food from southern Italy, Mike’s funny post includes a video showing how to peel the fruit – along with pictures of the bright red and melon-like flesh. Hugely interesting and highly recommended.

Save me a seat!: A visit to the Mr. Toilet House – a post from Chana of The Orange Backpack.
We were excited to blog about Mr Toilet’s House a while back, when we were investigating some of the world’s wackiest hotels – and now we’ve found someone who has even managed to visit it! The hotel is now used as a toilet museum, and Chana describes the exhibits and games on offer – and even shows some photos from inside! This is definitely a must-read for anyone who likes to do something quirky on their travels.

Ultimate Weekend Packing Guide from Abby at The Neon Jungle Princess.
We were really impressed by Abby opening up her weekend case to show what she packs for a short trip. From explaining why she carries a rubber ball in her bag to describing her favourite products (and what she can’t help stealing from the hotel bathroom!) – this is a humorous and yet spot-on post about how to pack a bag for a weekend away.

Breaking News: Central Bangkok not flooded from Jarmo of Arctic Nomad.
The news of the floods in Thailand was devastating – and it’s always hard to know whether travellers should continue with their plans to visit a country in crisis, or whether they’d be doing more harm than good. Jarmo’s description of what was going on in Bangkok was hugely reassuring for travellers – reflecting the current state of the city. He also encouraged others to stick to their travel plans if they had planned to visit and help Thailand’s tourism industry. Kudos for a quick and positive post which reassured and encouraged others!

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