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Six amazing New Year’s Eve parties around the world

By January 4, 2016 November 6th, 2018 No Comments

The New Year is a time for celebration, and across the globe everyone takes the time to remember the year just gone, and embrace the year before them, and throw a party of course.

But where to go to celebrate the New Year?

With so many different events happening across the globe, we take a look at six New Year’s Eve parties from across the globe to give you a helping hand.

  1. Haparanda and Tornio

For some people New Year’s Eve is the biggest night of the year, and the euphoria that comes with the countdown is over all too quickly. If you don’t fancy waiting a whole 12 months until your next New Year’s fix, why not spend December 31st on the border between Sweden and Finland. Tornio and Haparanda are towns that sit on the boundary of the two, and plenty of savvy Scandinavians have taken to celebrating New Year’s in Tornio, Finland, first, before taking a short walk across the bridge into Haparanda, which, in Sweden, is an hour behind, despite being a matter of metres away. Two countdowns, two firework displays and two New Year’s Eve parties – It’s got to be twice as fun, right?

  1. London

London’s New Year’s Eve event has become known throughout the world; with many of the city’s iconic landmarks, illuminated by a no-expense-spared firework show in sync with the latest chart toppers. A yearly increase in demand means that the capital’s South Bank is now a ticketed area come December 31st. If you’re lucky enough to gain entry, or even have decent a view from one of the surrounding riverside buildings, you’ll certainly be in for an amazing show alongside thousands of international visitors.

  1. Rio

A night partying on Copacabana beach under the gaze of Christ the Redeemer is memorable at the best of times, but imagine doing the same alongside two million others on New Year’s Eve. Rio De Janeiro empties out onto its 4km sands every December 31st, and from around 8pm Copacabana is awash with more live music and revellers than anywhere else in the world. The shorefront firework display is usually pretty special too.

  1. Sydney

Perhaps the iconic New Year’s Eve setting; seeing in the New Year alongside the harbour in Sydney is a must, if you happen to be in Australia on the big day. Both the Harbour Bridge and the city’s majestic Opera House are lit up every year with spectacular fireworks, while it’s easy to forget that the southern hemisphere offers some true winter sun during the festive period.

  1. Berlin

These days Berlin is fast becoming an urban hipster paradise. With trendy bars, a thriving music scene and a liberal attitude towards just about everything, the German capital is a perfect New Year’s Eve destination. On December 31st the historic strip which leads up to the Brandenburg Gate, Straße des 17. Juni, will be packed with both locals and visitors from around the world. Expect one of the biggest street parties in Europe, plenty of live music, food stalls and, of course, a magnificent fireworks display.

  1. Madeira

The island of Madeira is host to one of the most spectacular New Year’s Eve events every year, and until recently held the world record for the biggest ever firework display. The capital Funchal is the most popular spot for parties, live music and delicious street food, but be sure to buy some raisins – 12 to be precise – as it’s a local tradition to eat one as each bell of midnight strikes. If you’re keen to add a touch of glamour to your December 31st celebrations, the Portuguese island is also famed for its exclusive cruises which set sail before sunset; offering passengers stunning coastline views as the fireworks go up.