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As the world begins to open up, many of us are looking forward to travelling again. But the coronavirus pandemic has had a huge effect on our lives – so, after the past 18 months, it’s understandable that you might feel a bit hesitant about getting on a plane. If you’re nervous about taking to the skies again, Netflights has got your back. Read our tips on how to have a stress-free flight in the coming months, as the world slowly starts to returns to normal.

Do your research

Uncertainty often plays a big part in making us feel stressed or anxious so, instead of worrying about the unknown, it’s best to be prepared. Find out what to expect at your UK departure airport – as lots of changes have been made to keep passengers safe – and make sure you check your airline’s website to see what rules and regulations will be in place onboard.

It’s also worth getting all your paperwork in order for when you land. Entry requirements vary by country but you will probably have to show proof of a negative PCR test, and you might also need to show proof of vaccination. Get everything ready before you travel, so you’re not caught off-guard when you arrive in your destination.

Select your seats in advance

It’s probably been quite a while since you last sat on a plane, so being surrounded by lots of other people might feel a bit strange. We’d recommend pre-selecting your seat, as this allows you to choose a place you’re comfortable with. Booking a window seat could help you have a stress-free flight, as you’ll be nicely tucked away from the aisle, where people come and go. You could also consider choosing seats that are further away from busy areas, like the galley and toilets.

Pack the essentials

In all the excitement of travelling again, it’s easy to forget the essentials. Remember to pop at least one face mask in your hand luggage (you might want a few, if you’re taking a long-haul flight) as well as tissues and hand sanitiser. Taking a small pack of disinfectant wipes might also be reassuring, as you’ll be able to wipe down your armrests and tray table. Your plane will have been thoroughly cleaned before you board, of course – but if giving everything a quick wipe helps you to have a stress-free flight, you go for it.

Take some distractions

You’ve boarded, you’ve found your seat, you’ve wiped everything down – now it’s time to relax. Even if you’re taking a really short flight, it’s worth packing some nice distractions, especially if you’re feeling a bit nervous beforehand. Read your favourite book, flick through a magazine or listen to a chilled-out playlist. If you’re lucky enough to be flying long-haul, simply pop on an upbeat film and get comfy.

Zone out

If you think you might struggle to settle on your flight, why not download a mindfulness app beforehand? We’d recommend Calm or Headspace, which feature things like breathing techniques, meditation exercises and sleep stories. So you can pop in your headphones, close your eyes and completely zone out – and land feeling calm and ready for your holiday.

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