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The best cupcake shops in Los Angeles

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Twenty years ago, cupcakes were a dessert that was rarely seen outside of birthday parties for children. Over the past two decades, the tiny treats have turned into fashionable and trendy desserts found in even the most up scale bakeries. Los Angeles is home to a progressive and exciting culinary scene, and it should come as no surprise that it boasts dozens of fantastic cupcake shops in the city. Here are the best places to find cupcakes in Los Angeles.

Heart of Los Angeles Downtown

Crumbs Bake Shop
This bakery was first started in New York City, but the Los Angeles location is a favourite among cupcake enthusiasts on the West Coast. Along with incredible flavour combinations and high-quality ingredients, Crumbs is known for serving up cupcakes in a range of sizes to perfectly suit any appetite or diet, which is one reason that they are so popular among celebrities in Los Angeles. Choose a bite-size cupcake for a quick treat after lunch, or sink your teeth into a giant cupcake perfect for a birthday splurge. The bakery uses old-fashioned décor to give the store a rustic feel, which is a refreshing contrast compared to the city’s very contemporary style.

Big Man Bakes
There really is no denying that cupcakes are more popular with women than with men. Big Man Bakes was started by a male baker who wanted to take the femininity out of baking delicious items like cupcakes. If you want to enjoy incredible flavours like Nutella or coconut almond, but you don’t want a layer of pink sprinkles, then Big Man Bakes is the perfect place to pick up a few cupcakes in Los Angeles.

Sprinkles Cupcakes
This is arguably the best known cupcake bakery chain in the world, and it was started in Beverly Hills by longtime resident of Los Angeles, Candace Nelson, who now serves as a judge on the popular television show Cupcake Wars. The bakers at Sprinkles Cupcakes only use the best ingredients in their cupcakes, something which is evident from the first time you taste the delicious desserts. Be sure to try the holiday flavors like vanilla peppermint and red velvet coconut.

This cupcake shop is one of the trendier places to get sweet treats in Los Angeles, and they aim to come up with unusual flavor combinations that still taste delicious. Don’t bother ordering vanilla or chocolate cupcakes at Lark, because the favorites are choices like old-fashioned chocolate icebox mousse or a fresh strawberry shortcake using local berries.

Jamaica’s Cakes
If you are vegan, you might have a hard time avoiding all the incredible cupcakes available in the city. Thankfully, Jamaica’s Cakes offers a range of vegan cupcakes that rival the traditional versions. One of the best picks is the carrot cupcake, which is chock full of nuts, fruits and shaved carrots as well as topped with a deliciously sweet dairy-free frosting that tastes just like buttercream.

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