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The hidden gems of Indonesia

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Hidden gems of Indonesia

Hidden gems of Indonesia


Situated in South East Asia, Indonesia has gained a reputation as one of the most spectacular and stunning places to visit in the world.

Although places like Bali are renowned travel hotspots for backpackers, Indonesia has lots more to offer, with a variety of stunning islands, beauty spots and secluded beaches you need to explore.

Below are our top 5 hidden gems of Indonesia.

  1. Nusa Tenggara

West of the ever popular Bali you’ll find this wonderfully stunning archipelago, which offers an amazing opportunity for exploring. The best part about these islands is they’re pretty much unexplored, meaning you get to see an almost unspoiled area that’s yet to be engulfed by tourists. Here you can experience stunning scenery, lay on isolated white sand beaches, dive into colourful coral teaming with marine life, spot fierce Komodo Dragons and trek across volcanoes.

  1. Menjangan Island

Surprisingly there are many places in Indonesia just waiting to be explored, mostly untouched by tourists. Menjangan Island is a perfect example of this. An uninhabited island, you’ll find it sitting in West Bali National Park where natural beauty reigns supreme, providing a truly breath-taking experience. You can access this secluded haven by transferring at Denpasar; where soft white beaches await, and crystal clear water houses colourful corals and wondrous marine life.

  1. Raja Ampat Islands

Also known as the ‘Four Kings’, these pristine and colourful islands are well known for their diving opportunities, where you can submerge yourself under the glistening waters. However, many overlook other opportunities available in this stunning area. Hiking, island hopping and sailing all offer excellent exploration opportunities, whilst a slow boat provides amazing views from another angle.

  1. Banda Islands

This area of Indonesia gives you an insight into times gone by. Once under full control of the Dutch, after the British traded the archipelago for Manhattan; you can experience the wonders of the old port, the selection of tranquil private beaches and get lost in the relaxed atmosphere on offer here. One of the best ways to see these majestic islands and their vivid greenery is on a luxurious slow boat; these can be taken from Bali or Ambon.

  1. Moyo Island

Experience true luxury, and travel like the super-rich with a stay on the fabulous Moyo Island. This private island is hidden away, making it the perfect paradise escape for you to uncover, as you venture through Indonesia’s gems. A nature reserve east of Bali you can unwind and marvel in the sheer beauty on offer, whilst lounging on the cove secluded white beach that overlooks the Flores Sea.