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The world’s scariest theme park rides

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If you’re an adrenaline junkie and enjoy being scared out of your mind for a brief moment in time, there are some theme park rides that will give you what you need, and perhaps more than you bargained for. Sit back for Scariest Theme Park Rides 101, a lesson in pure terror that will bring a self-proclaimed tough man to his knees.

Before deciding to board the Fahrenheit roller coaster in Hershey, Pennsylvania, you may want to read the ride rating first which states in part, “This ride is not recommended for guests with physical, cognitive, and/or medical limitations.” It seems that covers just about everyone, doesn’t it? Needless to say, this roller coaster pushes its riders to the limit with a fast track and sudden directional changes. It ascends 121 feet before plunging down a 97 degree drop, the second steepest in the United States. It also includes a Norwegian loop, two corkscrews, and a two inversion cobra roll.

The world’s fastest roller coaster is the Formula Rossa at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. In only 4.9 seconds you will be propelled at a top speed of 150 mph. Due to the risks of impact with birds and insects, those riding in the first cars must wear protective glasses. At this speed such an impact could cause serious injury. Comforting to know, isn’t it? Despite the lack of loops and rolls, the sheer speed of this roller coaster is enough to make your heart drop into your knees.

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The Insanity ride literally hangs off the edge of the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, dangling riders 64 feet out and 909 feet above the ground. Now imagine yourself being spun at more than 3G’s while being pulled into a 70 degree angle, looking down at the ground. It might be a good idea to forego eating anything before indulging this stomach-churning ride. Knowing there is nothing between you and the concrete below is enough to cause serious second thoughts, but by then it’s too late.

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Rounding out our little lesson in terror is the lose-your-lunch-and-vital-organs ride Vekoma Waikiki Wave Super Flip in the Russian woodlands. This ride might be similar to one in Australia and Mexico, but don’t be fooled. This is the original and terrifying version that will have you wishing you’d gotten your affairs in order before climbing aboard. The arms of this ride can bend in all directions, taking riders on diagonal and horizontal flips and rolling multiple times head over heel. You’ll think the whole thing has malfunctioned and you’ll be dashed to the ground in a heap of metal. By the end of the ride, survival is your only goal.

Thrill seekers everywhere are always looking for that next big adrenaline rush and these rides are guaranteed to offer that in spades. Then you’ll want to go back and do it again and again because they’re that awesome. Then again, once might be enough for that flip ride!

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