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This little piggy went to market – Guide to Melbourne Night Market

By February 4, 2013 No Comments

A foodies experience of Melbourne Suzuki Night Market at Victoria Market with Orricle and Skillz.

It is a few minutes past ten past six and as usual Skillz is running late, “Looking forward to another one of his amazing being late stories like he got attacked by a polar bear outside McDonalds while drinking a can of Pepsi, hmm!”

I am standing at the entrance of the historical Victoria Market Melbourne waiting to eat FOOD. It is the first of the annual Wednesday Night Markets which goes on from November to not sure when, think its February but don’t blame me am bad with dates! The night market has been going on for fifteen years now attracting massive crowds every Wednesday to sample the local culinary and international delights that Melbourne has to offer.

When Skillz finally gets here I don’t bother to ask him we just hi-fi, smile and get straight in amongst it. I am so happy when I am around people who love and have a passion for eating because you always get great energies and want to TALK FOOD, EAT FOOD,MAKE FOOD! I always want to tear apart whatever I have just eaten and taste every mouthful and experience wonderful joys of something new then get back into the kitchen to replicate and twist the cuisine I just experienced. Lucky for me I got Skillz with me the Kitchen ninja.

The night market itself is pretty big, it uses the old Vic market open air sheds, which during the day are used for the fruit and veg stalls and at night they open it up for the food hawkers! Every nationality under one big shed feeding the world to make it a better place! On the street outside there are rows of tables and chairs with mobs of people everywhere over by the meat market a band playing cool jazzy Latino music with two young girls busting out some moves its only early and everyone seems to be having a great time.

Before I know it Skillz is lined up in the Sangria cue which is massive. The girls behind the counter are flying out pint size fruity red concoctions faster than Speedy Gonzales! Before we know it Skillz is putting on his best Spanish accent “ Dos Sangrias por favor bambino” omg the man makes me cringe he’s so cheesy! The Sangria is lovely ($8 dollars) and worth the cringe factor of Skillz , sweet fruity refreshing and a great start to our night of food heaven.

Everywhere I look there is crowds of people lined up or bustling round the the small smoking food stalls with smells of sweet Spanish Churros , Indian curries, paella! The blacked smoke from Argentinian bbq , Spitting Bratwusrt ,sizzling gourmet burgers , Mexican carntias Venezulea arpeas and the all new” KPOP” hip Korean potato “GANGNAM SPIRALS” as Skillz likes to call them! These novelty potatoes on a stick dipped in chicken salt or other flavoured salts seems to be a real hit here with Skillz crying out for one while spilling half his sangria over my bebops! Everyone seems to have one from big mags and her kids to the smart suits on my left!! It seems like the Korean Gangnam style is even taking over the food industry.

What attracts me to food markets is always the different styles of cuisine you can have and experience and there are always a few products that I have never tried or even cooked before like the Turkish Gozleme, savoury handrolled pastry’s stuffed with lamb or feta and spinach and served with a spicy tomato and chilli sauce spiced with tangy sumac. The great pleasure from this stall was watching the speed in which the Turkish women rolled and needed the doughs with such traditional beauty, while the men charmed you into buying them! Of course Skillz is like “yeah not a problem “ yeh right!! It truly is an art and I don’t think me or him can ever keep up! So good.

After walking around and examining all the delicious food that the market had to offer and sampling small delights like Argentinian beef empanadas, the biggest Bratwursts in a roll with sauerkraut lets say 12 inches but lacking in gurth ha! And the amazing and famous Vic market Borek another style of Turkish filled pastry that you can find during the day at the day market in the deli section . This Borek stall sells like thirty a minute and there is always the biggest queues, it’s a must and you can always catch Skillz there.

Word of warning the market is very busy and if I can’t keep Skillz on his leash he keeps shouting and screaming and drawing attention and disappearing, secret binge eating I think he loves it! I would say it is aimed more at adults but again its great for families and a great place to eat and make friends.

My problem when it comes to eating at food events is I NEVER KNOW WHAT TO EAT I’m sure that’s what goes through everyone’s heads but at around 8 to 12 dollars for a plate of reasonable sized food you do want to pick what you desire to eat! And in my case everything. My favourite right now would be South American food be it Brazilan Frejolas or Peruvian cerviche, I got to say I love Argentinian bbq and that’s what i ended up eating” Asado “ bbq beef short ribs , with Chorizo sausage , BBQ wings and all basted in Chimi Churi an Argentine relish which is heaven, Skillz cant get enough and at the end of the blog he will give you his version of this Argentine classic “Skillz Style”

My experience at Melbourne night market was great and we had such a good time hanging out with friends and eating amazing food and the good thing about it is that you can go every week and try something new each time. There’s so much energy and the stall owners have so much to talk to you about in terms of their products and ethnic background. Prices are reasonable and there’s so much to see and eat.

This little piggy well enjoyed this market SKILLZ!!!

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