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Wake up in an Alternative Vegas

By August 20, 2013 No Comments

Possibly one of the most famous cities in the entire world, everyone has heard of Las Vegas. Regarded as somewhere you need to visit during your lifetime; the scorching heat and abundance of attractions have made it a hit with tourists, and cheap flights to Las Vegas have ensured the world can experience the Nevada desert.

Known as an infamous party town, Las Vegas has had a certain image thrust upon it. With various films such as The Hangover showcasing the wild side of the city, and popular programmes like Friends highlighting shot gun wedding scenarios; you can see why it’s seen as notorious.

On the flip side to this, the area is similarly well known for its glitzy bars, casinos and epic stage shows, which have seen everything from magicians to Celine Dion. But there’s more to Vegas than its reputation would suggest, so if you’re planning on heading there, maybe you should try some of the alternative Vegas attractions before hitting the casinos.

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign


Cultural may not be your initial thought when you jet off to Vegas, but the city has plenty of vastly overlooked culture. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for as there are a plethora of museums that include; The National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, The Discovery Children’s Museum, the National Atomic Testing Museum, which highlights Nevada’s history of nuclear testing. Then there’s the junkyard looking Neon Museum, which highlights Vegas’ bright history of neon’s. Then there’s the Pinball Hall of Fame, which houses the largest collection in the world, but if you like your museum a bit camp, there’s always the Liberace museum too.

Go wandering

One thing with Las Vegas is people don’t tend to leave the strip; well why would you? Everything is there. But if you decide to opt for a change and see what else is on offer beyond the strip, then there are plenty of historic and interesting places to take in. Provided you have some time set aside, you can take in places like the historic Route 66, Area 51 and even the Grand Canyon; giving you the chance to see sights you thought you never would. There are also companies that provide tours of the Hoover Dam and Death Valley, for those who don’t want to do it alone.

A little strange

Of course Las Vegas is known for being a little unconventional and there are other things to do that are strange but no that obvious. Get behind a bulldozer and get adventurous on ‘Dig This’, which allows you to push around boulders and make hills to your heart’s content; a bit like an adult sand pit. If you prefer something else; how about swimming with sharks at Shark Reef? The world’s only predator based aquarium also features piranhas, crocodiles, jelly fish and moray eels; definitely different for Vegas.


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