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What not to do on your first full Moon Party

By March 6, 2015 No Comments
What not to do at a Full Moon party

What not to do at a Full Moon party

So you’re travelling and you’ve wound up in Thailand. Alongside the spectacular scenery, magnificent history and delicious food, there’s one other thing you need to experience; a Full Moon party.

But for all you first timers there’s a few things you need to know before you go to one of these infamous parties. Here’s what not to do on your first time.

1. DON’T take your valuables

It’s a party, on a beach; you aren’t going to need a collection of expensive bits and pieces. So leave the iPod, expensive watch, and your smart phone back at your hotel, as the last thing you want to do is lose them. Replace these with a cheap phone that if lost, won’t be missed.

2.DON’T take a bag

Obviously if you aren’t taking any valuables you won’t need anywhere to store them. Also if you take anything in a bag, the chances of you getting a little drunk and leaving it somewhere is a high possibility. In regards to your money invest in a bum bag, so you can keep your cash as close as possible.

3. DON’T wear expensive shoes

Shoes are a must at a Full Moon party, but forget about wearing those pricey trainers you treated yourself to, because they will get ruined. Instead opt for a cheap pair of flip flops.

4. DON’T take drugs

This is a given people but not only are drugs illegal, if you get caught taking them a hefty fine will occur, and you’re highly likely to get arrested. Also, do you really know what you’re being sold?

5. DON’T take things from strangers

Don’t just draw the line at drugs; don’t go taking food and drink of random people either. Of course, they may just be a nice person and think you’d enjoy some of their food, but not everyone’s like this and heaven knows what could be in it – so just say no, rather than finding out.

6. DON’T forget your paint

Everyone will be painted in some way or another, and even if you didn’t want to paint yourself before you left, you’re bound to get jealous of the hi-vis people all around you. However, paying to get it done will cost a bomb, so just slather yourself in it before you arrive and you’ll be good to go.

7. DON’T be the first to arrive

Don’t do this people, just don’t. If you get there extremely early then you’ll end up being the person who gets really drunk before the party gets going, and pass out in a corner somewhere whilst everyone else has a ball. With the Full Moon party carrying on into the next day, you’re probably better off staying away until at least 11pm.

8. DON’T get set on fire

A key feature of any Full Moon party is fire, and at some point during your night the opportunity to limbo under a fire rope, skip over a burning rope or jump through hoops of fire will arise. Now, it may seem like a good idea, but remember you’re drunk and second degree burns aren’t a good holiday look.

9. DON’T go Swimming

Ok, so imagine hundreds, if not thousands of people all partying on a beach and the toilet is full; where are they going to use to avoid the queues? You’ve guessed it, the sea, so stay away at all costs, especially if you’re into hygiene.


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