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Where to learn to cook Thai food in Bangkok

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The Thai capital of Bangkok is an incredible destination, and travellers from around the world visit in the millions each year in order to soak up the culture, the nightlife, the amazing scenery and the cuisine.


Although no trip would be complete without touring Siam Square and admiring some of the stunning temples, there is no denying that the local cuisine is also important. Many visitors will be happy simply to taste the local specialities in restaurants and street stalls, but serious foodies and budding chefs might actually want to master a few recipes of their own. Thankfully, there are a number of wonderful cooking schools in Bangkok that can teach travellers all about the local Thai cuisine. Here are the top Thai cooking schools in the city of Bangkok.

Amita Thai Cooking Class: Aspiring chefs who want to learn more about the traditional Thai ingredients and the more authentic ways to prepare local foods will definitely want to consider the half-day classes offered through the Amita Thai Cooking Class. Classes are held every morning for four hours, and they include a walk through the school’s herb garden. This is a pivotal part of any Thai cooking course, because it helps explain what the most commonly used ingredients are in local cuisine and what kind of flavour each one boasts. Students will be able to master four traditional dishes during the half-day course, and the fee includes transport to and from hotels in Bangkok.

Oriental Hotel Thai Cooking School: Travellers who are searching for a luxury cooking course might be interested in the classes offered at the Oriental Hotel Thai Cooking School. Although the kitchen is actually located in a wooden home by the canal, the kitchen equipment is contemporary and much of the preparation work has been done in advance by the hotel chefs. Students simply get to start on the fun aspects of the food preparation, and then they get the chance to taste all of their delicious dishes at the end. Classes are four hours long and take place mornings and afternoons between Monday and Saturday.

Silom Thai Cooking School: Chefs who are on a budget will want to consider the shorter cooking classes offered at the Silom Thai Cooking School. The courses, held in the morning and afternoon through the week, start with a walk through a traditional local market. Students learn to identify local ingredients that are used most often in Thai cooking, and then the group returns to the school for cooking lessons. In the three-hour program, budding chefs will learn to master four different Thai dishes. At just 1,000 baht per person, this is by far the cheapest course available in Bangkok.

Bo.lan Cooking School: This cooking school is run by the chefs of Bangkok’s most gourmet restaurant, and it is ideal for those who want to truly master the upscale preparation and presentation of Thai dishes. Courses are only available on Saturdays from eight in the morning until three in the afternoon, which is one of the longer programs offered in Bangkok.

The theme of each week’s course changes frequently, and students have to check to ensure that they are enrolled in the correct program. At least once each month is a beginner’s course, which covers shopping in the local markets and learning more about traditional flavors. Other courses focus more time and detail on desserts, entrees or vegetarian meals. This is where head chefs from around the world come when they want to train in Thai cuisine.

Whether you just want to recreate the taste of Pad Thai at home or you are a chef yourself, one of these cooking courses in Bangkok will be the perfect place for you to master Thai cooking.

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