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Why book early for the best flight deal?

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With summer over and winter approaching, we’ll soon be replacing shorts and t-shirts for jumpers and scarves. But before those winter blues set in maybe you should ask yourself the age old holiday question; should I book now?

Of course booking last minute can secure some excellent deals, as long as you’re flexible and don’t mind where you’re going. However for many this simply isn’t an option as work commitments and families only allow them to holiday at certain times of the year.

Booking your 2014 holidays now, rather than next year, could prove beneficial as it opens up a whole host of advantages.

Take advantage of offers and extras

You might just be surprised at the amazing offers and extras you could grab by booking your next holiday as early as possible.

You could save yourself hundreds. For example, in some instances this can be as much as much as £300 off, with a few other extras thrown in including free child spaces, a single savers discount and even free airport parking or a room upgrade.

If you’re getting married next year for example, booking your honeymoon with Netflights now could prove even more beneficial as exotic honeymoons in the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean and Dubai can be purchased for around £1,500 per person. It could be time to start planning now.

Lower flight prices and great deals

This isn’t the case for all holidays, but for many booking in advance will definitely guarantee you a lower price.

Flights tend to be lower in price the earlier you book, and long haul flights will also be cheaper if you get in early. Booking with Netflights now could see you travelling to Madrid or Paris for around £90 or New York for the bargain price of £350. Think of the extra spending money that could give you.

Holidays that are constantly in demand and sell out earlier, don’t tend to get discounted, such as all-inclusive breaks. However by booking these holidays last minute you could end up paying a small fortune, which will be more than if you’d booked earlier. You may not be getting money off, but that’s definitely a saving.

Secure your holiday with a deposit

One great advantage of booking early is the option to secure your holiday with a deposit.

Booking with Netflights you can pay by deposit via telephone; as long as your booking is made more than 10 weeks before your departure.

The great thing about this is you can gradually pay off your holiday, rather than pay in a lump sum. So the earlier you book, the longer you have to pay it off. This will also give you a longer period of time to build up your holiday funds.

A wider choice

It may not seem that obvious, but by booking in advance you’ll get the pick of the destinations, hotels and flights.

This is great if you’re travelling as a family, as you can ensure you have seats together on the plane. You can also make sure you get the holiday destination and hotel you wanted, and not your second choice.

This will also open up the chance to get all the holiday trips booked in advance, before they sell out.

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