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The world’s most expensive hotel suites

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Grab the checkbook and sign away your life savings. It’s time to book that swanky hotel room where money is no object. For many of us, a year’s worth of pay wouldn’t cover a one-night stay in some of these extravagant digs. Reserved for the super rich, the cost is a mere drop in the bucket for an extended stay.

Hotel President Wilson in Geneva, Switzerland

For a mere £41,000 a night, the Royal Penthouse Suite is the perfect retreat for the security-conscious or paranoid. James Bond might choose this suite for its bullet-proof glass and armored door to keep those pesky bad guys at bay. With high-tech security cameras, seeing the bad guys coming is another plus. If they manage to breach this little fortress, there is even a panic button to call in reinforcements. The decor includes a grand piano, billiards, and private fitness room, and encompasses twelve rooms and twelve bathrooms (one can never have too many bathrooms), a private elevator, and of course a view to die for of Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc.

Palms Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, Las Vegas, Nevada

If £41,000 a night is just a little outside your budgetary plan, for a paltry £25,000 a night you can stay at this over-the-top Hugh Hefner suite modelled after the famous Playboy Mansion. With your very own waterfall, a round bed that rotates, and mirrors on the ceiling, you better plan on making the most of this extravagance. Additionally, you’ll have a sauna, massage room, and exercise room at your disposal. There’s even a home theater room to watch those “family” movies in surround-sound splendor. There are only two bedrooms, though, so all those friends you intended to invite might have to stay home for this one.

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The Presidential Suite, The Raj Palace Hotel, Jaipur, India

Having earned the prestigious “World’s Leading Best Heritage Hotel Award 2011,” one can argue that £29,000 a night isn’t so bad. With more than 16,000 square feet, four bedrooms, and four floors to roam, the Presidential Suite is more like a home than a hotel. It may not look much like your home though, unless yours is decorated in gold leaf, ivory, and lots of mirrors. You probably don’t have a private rooftop terrace with a swimming pool or library like this one, either. Maybe you have your own private museum? No? This suite has that too.

Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai

When looking up the word “decadence” in the dictionary, you might find an aerial shot of Dubai next to the word. However, with a price tag of just over £8,000 a night, the Grand Atlantis Suite at the Atlantis Palm Hotel seems like a pretty sweet deal in comparison to the above-mentioned suites. This sumptuous two-bedroom suite encompasses over 1407 square feet of luxury furnishings and you get your own dedicated butler to do your dirty work. Included in your stay is an unlimited pass to Aquaventure Waterpark and The Lost Chambers Aquarium, so you’re getting much more bang for your buck. There’s a dining area that seats ten, but do your really want that many people with you on your trip?

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These are only a handful of hotel suites from around the world that will set you back a few hundred years, but if you hit the big time with your next lottery ticket, maybe you’ll get your chance to surround yourself in one of the most lavish suites in the world. One can dream.