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You v Food: Houston’s best food challenges

By May 29, 2015 No Comments


You vs food in Houston

You vs food in Houston

If you love food, America is the perfect place to hit for a vacation, with different states offering up culinary delights you’d never have even imagined. Oh and let’s not forget the world famous portion sizes.

But for a food experience like no other, you need to visit Texas and Houston in particular. Filled with food challenges, it’ll be like living your own version of Man vs Food.

Here are five food challenges you simply need to try.

  1. Sandwich Challenge
    Kenny and Ziggy’s, 327 Post Oak Blvd

The Challenge: The Zellagabetsky

Sit back and try not to get the meat sweats as you attempt to tackle this renowned Houston food challenge. Costing $55, you’ll join the likes of the Marx brothers and Shaquille O’Neal who’ve attempted this challenge, as you’re presented with an eight decker rye bread sandwich filled with a selection of different meats. These include turkey, pastrami, corned beef, salami, tongue and roast beef, alongside coleslaw, red sweet peppers and Russian dressing; we hope you’ve got a big mouth

The Prize: A free slice of cheesecake, and the knowledge that you’re an eating machine.


  1. Noodle Challenge
    Nom Nom Noodles, 1635 Eldridge Parkway

The Challenge: The e-NOM-ous Challenge

When we think of food challenges, we instantly think of tower stacked burgers and steaks the size of farmyard animals. But at Nom Nom Noodles you can try something different with the noodle challenge, where you’ll be faced with two pounds of noodles, and two pounds of meat all inside one gigantic bowl, at a cost of $34.99 with an hour to finish.

The Prize: A $50 gift card for the restaurant, a t-shirt and a food baby.

  1. Calzone Challenge
    Nick’s Place, 2713 Rockyridge Drive

The Challenge: The Cablinasian

Go a little crazy and try something you wouldn’t think you’d necessarily find in Houston, which is renowned across the world for its fine meats; a calzone. This challenge will present you with the folded over pizza, stuffed with pepperoni, Italian sausage, green bell peppers, marinara, mozzarella cheese and ricotta. Weighing in at a pound, don’t let its smaller stature fool you, as you attempt it as well as drinking a 22-ounce beer in under an hour.

The Prize: Your photo on the Wall of Fame, and a few extra holiday pounds.

  1. Pizza Challenge
    Russo’s New York Pizzeria, 5727 Westheimer

The Challenge: The Pizza Challenge

Keeping with the Italian theme Russo’s has become well known for its gigantic 28 inch pizzas, which are normally sold on a slice by slice basis. Costing $34.95, with additional toppings charged at $5, the pizza challenge is quite simple. It’s you, a whole 28 inches of delicious cheese pizza and one hour to devour the whole thing.

The Prize: $200 if you complete it within the time frame, but no one has won yet. Oh and the pizza is free too.

  1. Burger Challenge
    Little Bitty Burger Barn, 5503 Pinemont

The Challenge: The Double Dog Dare You

Sit back and experience one of the best burger challenges around. Costing $29.99, you have 30 minutes to clear your plate (or should that be plates) of 8 quarter pounder burgers, featuring eight slices of cheese, bacon, jalapenos and delicious BBQ sauce; oh and there’s also a pound of seasoned fries on the side too.

The Prize: A t-shirt, your picture on the wall and a food coma.

Bonus: Charlie’s 5 Alarm Fire Burger

There’s also another challenge at this restaurant, which has no time limit and costs just $8.99. All you have to do is finish this delicious burger, which features jalapenos, habaneros and nitro sauce, which registers 10,000,000 on the Scoville scale. Doesn’t sound too bad? Well a regular jalapeno registers 8,500, so we hope you have a mouth of steal.

The Prize: The knowledge that you could possibly eat a volcano and be unscathed.

So if you’re heading to Houston, grab those sweat pants, or elasticated jeans, and try some food challenges. And bring a gallon of milk in case those jalapenos and nitro sauce take their toll.