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Experience luxury commercial space flights.

This year are taking you far beyond your wildest holiday dreams with our brand new, first of its kind, commercial space flights. This ground-breaking venture is your chance to fly higher than ever before, above and beyond the Earth to destinations that are out of this world… literally!

For travellers that have been there, done that, and seen it all, this is something to add to your bucket list that is incomparable to anything else; it’s the ultimate tick! Take the journey of a lifetime with and witness the wonder of space travel.

Destination Space

The first of three destinations available from is a life changing experience to fly from our spaceport to the exosphere, where you’ll soar over the international space station (ISS) and orbit the earth multiple times before returning back to your original starting port in the UK- an experience currently only available for international, space-trained astronauts.

Prices from £250,000 pp

Destination Moon

Follow in the footsteps of Neil Armstrong and take a trip to the Moon with Be one of the first commercial travellers to step on the moon and see the earth like you’ve never seen it before. Our TS48 space craft can fly you to the moon (and let you sing amongst the stars) and back in just four days, with a level of luxury usually reserved for long-haul flights on earth – indulgent dining and sleeping facilities are also available on-board.

Prices from £85,000,000 pp

Destination Mars

For the most adventurous travellers, we offer you a truly out of this world experience, Mars. That’s right… the Red Planet. Follow in Matt Damon’s footsteps on the longest and most exciting of our trips aboard the TS48. With all the luxury you would only normally find on an extravagant super yacht, this unique form of transport, after landing on Mars, transforms itself into a luxury 20 room Mars hotel ready for your week-long stay.

Prices from £500,000,000

The spacecraft


Engineered in partnership with the UTC Space program, TS48 outperforms any current commercial space flights project that is currently in place. With a 20 passenger capacity, this world leading interstellar craft is designed to transport over long distances in extreme comfort.

With the AF001 average cruise speed of 22,000 kph (6111.111 mph), travelling to Mars will take approximately 102 days, reducing the flight time of other commercial space flights by 45 days, and space flights to the moon and back can be obtained in a long weekend.

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ION Thrusters – Producing a thrust of 25–250 millinewtons and efficiency 65–80%
Titanium, Aluminum and Magnesium based outer shell – heat resistance of over 5000 degrees Fahrenheit
REAl glass is made of Rare Earth oxides, Aluminum oxide and small amounts of silicon dioxide give crystal clear view and unbreakable strengths
Lunar Laser Communication (LLCD) using pulsed laser beam to transmit data over a record-breaking download rate of 622 megabits per second (Mbps) – this allows real time communication between spaceship and control centre
Helem gix sensors for measuring the outer pressures and conditions to stabilise internal gasses

Eco spaceport

Situated in a top secret location in the picturesque Lake District, is the UK’s first spaceport of its kind. Built completely from bio materials and using the latest in solar power technology created in the UK, we have constructed a fully working spaceport that has no dependencies on standard utility infrastructures.

Are you ready?

To become a pioneer of the above and beyond earth flights, register your interest below and one of our interstellar advisors will be in touch.

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