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Las Vegas ghost stories: Top six

By July 12, 2014 No Comments

Viva Las Vegas, the land where everything lives by the phrase ‘bigger is better’. But amongst the fun, fabulousness and excess, you’ll find a more eerie scene.

Vegas has ghost stories galore. Here are our top six.


The Flamingo Hotel and Casino

With historical connections to the mob, the Flamingo was built back in the 1940s and owned by one of the most famous mob affiliates of all time; Bugsy Siegel. Unfortunately in 1947, Siegel became a victim of his own crimes, and died at the age of 41. Although he didn’t meet his end at the hotel, those who’ve been lucky enough to spend the night in the Presidential Suite, say the former mobster still frequents the room. Sightings have also been reported in various other parts of the hotel, including the chapel. It’s also rumoured other spirits, who had altercations with the mob, still wander the hallways.

Bally’s Las Vegas

Once the location of the MGM Grand Hotel, a fire in 1980 caused one of the United States’ worst high-rise fire incidents; resulting in Nevada implementing some of the strictest fire laws around. After the MGM relocated, the Bally Hotel and Casino moved onto the site in 1985, and creepy things have been going on ever since. For the best part of 30 years, guests have reported strange goings on, which have included a misty blue-green ghost, noises coming from the top floors, a woman surrounded by smoke playing on two slot machines who fades away when approached, and an elderly couple at the end of a hallway who simply disappear. For those that love the supernatural, this is a place you need to check out.

The Luxor

The second largest hotel in sin city apparently plays home to around five spirits. A few people passed away whilst constructing the epic hotel, who are rumoured to have never left. Many have claimed to have seen ghosts wandering the hallways, and on the 12th to 14th floors have felt cold spots and breathing on the backs of their necks. It is claimed other worldly energy can be sensed in the hotel, particularly in quiet corners, owing to the hotel’s pyramid shape.

The Plaza Hotel and Casino

The ghost of former Mayor, Byron T. Mills, is one of the most active ghosts around; currently residing at the Plaza Hotel. Having passed away in 1947, the spirit of Mills is said to reside mainly in room 310, his favourite, but has been known to wander as far as the busy lobby. Particularly active during the summer months, Byron is considered a friendly ghost, known to open and close drawers and sit at the end of the beds of female guests. Some have said you can smell his cigar and hear his footsteps from time to time.

The Hilton Las Vegas

How true this is we don’t know, but if the ghost that wanders the halls is who they say it is, then you’re in the presence of Vegas royalty. According to some, Elvis hasn’t left the building despite passing away nearly 40 years ago. Many claim to have spotted his spirit in various places from the showroom to the upper floors; his favourite spot however is close to the backstage elevator near the greenroom. Rumour has it one maid once wished him ‘good morning’ before realising Mr Presley, was, well, dead. She no longer works at The Hilton.

Redd Foxx’s Former Home

The late comedian Redd Foxx, who passed away in 1991, is said to have taken up permanent residence in his old home. After losing the house due to back taxes, rumour has it that he haunts the place after being forced to vacate. Those that have lived there following Foxx’s death have reported doors opening and closing, lights turning on and off and hearing someone run up and down the hallways. The current occupier allows people to stay at the house in the hopes of seeing the late comedic ghost; most of whom have experienced paranormal activity.

So if you like your holidays a little different, and want to experience and even more alternative Las Vegas why not see if there is life on the other side…


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