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Open Jaw vs Multi City Flights

What's the difference?

A multi city flight is a single booking that includes flights to several cities all in one go. For example, you might fly from Manchester (MAN) to Dubai (DXB), and then from Dubai to Bangkok (BKK), and then from Bangkok to Amsterdam (AMS) and finally fly back to Manchester. Each city you visit is connected by a flight.

An open jaw flight is slightly different. You might book a flight from Manchester (MAN) to Dubai (DXB) and then a flight from Abu Dhabi (AUH) to Jersey (JER), then catch a ferry from Jersey back to England and head home from there.

See the difference? With open jaw flight, you can arrive and depart from different airports, cities, or countries.

Why book a multi city flight?

Extend your stopover

Long haul flights frequently include a stopover, so why not extend it a spend a couple of days in a different city before reaching your final destination, then stopover somewhere else on the way back?

Booking a multi city trip gives you the chance to plan stopovers where you want or simply extend the duration of a stopover. It’s also a smart way to cover multiple destinations in one trip – and in many cases, flights with stopovers are cheaper than direct or round-trip deals. Win-win!

Get cheaper flights

Flight prices can vary significantly by airport. If you’re flying to a city with multiple airports, an open jaw flight gives you the flexibility to arrive in one, and leave from another where the departing flights are cheaper.

Let’s say you want to fly to New York and then to California. You can search for flights to JFK and Newark into New York, then fly onto one of California’s airports from La Guardia.

Make the most of flight deals

You might see an irresistible flight offer into Phuket. But you want to go to Bangkok. Well, use an open jaw flight to fly into Phuket with that great deal, then head on to Bangkok.

Or, if you’re part of a frequent flyer program or airline rewards scheme, open jaw flights create more opportunities to use your points and rewards.

Tips for Planning Your Multi City / Open Jaw Flights

Check Visa Requirements

Check visa requirements for each country on your list well in advance. Some countries require you to fill out a form ahead of your arrival – so first things first, get that admin done!

Plan your transport between each flight

Before booking your open jaw flights, check how you’ll get to your next departure airport. Public transportation is usually a great option, or you could consider hiring a car in one location to drop it off at another. Keep in mind that transport availability and cost may vary by season, so just be sure that your planned routes are available at your time of travel.

Keep an eye on travel advisories

When booking well in advance, it’s worth considering whether your planned destination(s) may be affected by travel advisories in the future. It’s not always possible to tell, of course, but areas where there’s political strife or trouble abrewing are best kept away from.

What are the most popular cities to visit for a multi city flight?

The world is your oyster. There are over 40,000 airports in the world so let’s narrow it down a bit: Europe, Asia and North America are the most popular places for multi city and open jaw flights because connections between the cities and countries is relatively simple. Not to mention the amazing scenery and activities that await!

When it comes to the best stopover cities it’s mainly down to your taste and budget – but that said, these cities are usually at the top of travellers’ wish lists…


Our research shows that the most popular stopover city is Amsterdam. Transport links to and from the airport are extensive, and they run almost 24/7. So it’s easy to turn a stopover in Amsterdam into a mini-break – even if you only have a few hours.

New York

One of the biggest hubs for transatlantic flights, New York is hugely popular with flyers wanting to break up their trip across North America. Plus you get to visit one of the most famous cities in the world and see its many, many sites. (And you can do NY on the cheap too).


One of the key connecting points between the East and West, Dubai is a major stopover destination for anyone travelling to and from Asia and Oceania. A hub of activity, luxury and world’s-biggests, the city really needs to be seen to be believed.


If you’re heading off to Australia, New Zealand or anywhere in Oceania, Sydney is ideal for a city stopover before heading onto the next leg of your journey. Sydney airport is a stone’s throw from the glamorous waterside city, its amazing architecture and that iconic Opera House.


If you’re flying to Sydney, you may well stop over in Tokyo. This vibrant metropolis combines traditional Japanese culture with futuristic tech to accommodate fast-paced modern life – and if you’re already stopping over, it’d be rude not to stay for an explore!


Up there with the best airports for a stopover, you’ll likely stop off in Singapore if you’re heading to Thailand or Australia. Break up your flight with a wander around the squeaky clean streets of this beautiful city-state, famous for its lush scenery and skyscraper-studded skyline. Or just enjoy the airport, complete with indoor waterfall, rooftop jacuzzi and its very own maze.

How to Book Multi City Flights

Your best bet to book multi city flights is to give our travel pros a call. They have access to pretty much every flight that’s due to depart for the next 11 months – and they’re in the know about the world’s best airports, holiday hotspots and those off-the-beaten-track spots too.

Multi City Trips with Holiday Packages

Both multi city trips and open jaw flights are perfect if you’re keen to sort your own hotel, itinerary and travel plans. But what if you want a resort booked in each place, in advance, and have your transfers sorted too? Allow us to introduce you to Twin Centres (or Multi Centres if the trip includes more than two destinations).

Twin centres are multi-destination trips with hotels included - so all you need to plan is how to spend those long, leisurely hours in the sun. Popular twin centres include Dubai, Thailand, the Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles and Singapore.

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