Thanks to smartphone applications, it has never been easier to find flight details and prices. But most of us use flight comparison websites such as Netflights to do the dirty work on our behalf. After all, time is money. But once your booking is made, you’re all on your own with your chosen airline. That’s where airline apps come in. Most operators have designed their own app; some with cool distinguishing features, others have gone for simple and easy to use. Here are our top 10  airline apps of 2018.

American Airlines

Like many applications, American Airlines‘ allows the user to download their boarding cards to be conveniently accessed to get through security and onward to the gate. What it also does is use this boarding card to offer continuous updates on the gate number and any delays or cancellations. The only drawback is that it takes up a whopping 4.6GB of space, rendering it unusable by plenty of AA flyers.


The Qantas application was designed with the intention of making flying long distances around the world as straightforward as possible. To this end, the app will let the user know when they need to leave for the airport as well as navigational information to guide them there. It also updates you with departure gate, boarding time and luggage carousel number.


The KLM application gives users a greater degree of control after they have checked-in. It’s straightforward to download boarding passes, check-in to connections and even cancel or amend any check-ins after the fact. Choose your seats and add additional baggage in the my bookings section and pay for flights with either a credit card or from your Paypal account.

Virgin Atlantic

The Virgin Atlantic home screen sets it apart. It has an interactive globe that can be spun to show where all Virgin Atlantic flights are currently located in real time. Zoom in and tap on planes and locations to access flight schedules and destination information. You can and even nickname planes. It’s easy to use, functional and full of fun features that plane enthusiasts will love to love.


This application goes an extra step for those travelling with unusual luggage. You can specify if you have bulky sporting equipment like golf clubs or surfboards. There is also the option to download the boarding passes so they are accessible offline. The booking process is clear and easy to use and you can choose where you sit.

British Airways

The BA application allows the user to personalise the home screen. This grant easier access to desired information like boarding passes and you can also adjust the theme. Spending the time to customise BA’s app might only be of use to frequent BA flyers but when used properly has undoubted value. The app is also connected to the company’s social media platforms to make announcements easy to find and track.


Emirates have some catching up to do. Users must own an iPad if they want to access their information on the go. The iPad-exclusive app works well with all the standard flight information as well as the ability to book a car or hotel. Their saving grace? – a more than good mobile site that is easy enough to book, check-in and download boarding passes from.


Lufthansa is one of the best for covering the basics and doing them well. Check up on delays, cancellations and changes to your flights schedul. Store personal information to save time entering personal details. Downloading relevant information like this and the basic overall efficiency of the Lufthansa app makes it a reliable and trustworthy travel companion that nails the basics.


For frequent fliers this application is capable of storing passenger information and payment details so that booking is nice and simple. Ryanair have made taking your money as easy as pie. The only drawback is the usual Ryanair tactic of constantly trying to sell the user on perks and deals for hotels or car rental but overall, a very user friendly app indeed.

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