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Best places to catch the F1 in Abu Dhabi

By November 2, 2015 November 6th, 2018 No Comments
Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Heading to the United Arab Emirates in November to watch the final F1 race of 2015? With high stakes action, abundant sunshine, and world famous Arabic hospitality, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is a travel experience you’ll remember with fondness for a long time.
Below, we will go over the best places to view the race on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi.

1) The Main Grandstand

For many, no place but the main grandstand will do. There’s an excellent reason for this conviction; you’ll get to witness the start and finish of the race itself, as well as the lightening quick choreography that crews in the pit lanes employ, to service their cars in record time. It’s also located by the F1 village, where many food and drink options, and other fun diversions can be found. As all of your companions might not be into racing as much as you are, it’s a great resource to have handy when they begin to get restless. There is one major downside for those situated in the main grandstand however; the lower levels of the main grandstand are exposed to the punishing Arabian sun through most of the day, until sunset. If this is something you want to avoid, you’ll want to reserve a seat in the upper levels, or failing this, you’ll need to take proper precautions against sun and heat exposure. Temperature can soar above 30 degrees Centigrade in Abu Dhabi, even in November.

2) The West and South Grandstands

There are other grandstands located around the track that have better views of the race, of which the west and south structures are the best (in our opinion at least). From the west stand, you can see a lot of track, as it takes in the courses’ longest straight, and several turns from this stand’s best vantage point. At this point, cars often fly by at speeds of up to 300 kilometres per hour, giving race fans the thrills that keep them coming back to these events year after year. Views from the south grandstand are also wonderful, as it takes in a pair of turns and a straight as well. The food options here have also been well-received, and it comes with alcohol facilities available for those over the age of 21; an amenity that can be hard to find outside of VIP sections at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

3) Marina Grandstand

An excellent option for those interested in high drama situations is the Marina grandstand, which is across from the other set of support pits for racers on this F1 track; making it a high action place to sit. It boasts great views of the Yas Marina and the tight turns that cut around it, so you won’t be sacrificing views of overtakes by reserving a seat here. Another perk of seeing the race at the Marina stand; the ocean. It often has cool sea breezes, making it a great option for those looking to beat the heat.

4) Yas Hotel

Want to seclude yourself away from the crowds, while viewing the race from a privileged viewpoint? The Yas Hotel isn’t only the best place to stay in the area, but it’s also the best venue for many race patrons; as it was built over the track, with many rooms having balconies overlooking the race course. The architects took things a step further for luxury-loving introverts out there as well, as you can observe the progress of the race from the privacy from a viewing window in your bathroom. That’s not all though, as the cherry on top of this viewing location is the VIP access granted to hotel patrons to the pits prior to the race. Alongside this, there are also tickets to the post-race concerts at the Yas Marina, which will feature artists like Pharrell Williams and The Who in 2015.

5) Formula One Paddock Club

Those looking to view the race in luxury, yet be more social at the same time, will want to see it from the Formula One Paddock Club. This building is a private club that provides some of the finest food and drink available at the track during race weekend, meeting spaces which allow its guests to mingle and converse in a quiet space away from the action, and exclusive balconies where one can view the race across from the main grandstand. The best touch though is the fact that guests get to enjoy VIP track access, which will permit you to get as close to action as humanly possible.