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Best unknown cities in Canada

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The unheard cities in Canada

The unheard cities in Canada

Canadians across the country often get a little bit annoyed over the fact that people only seem to have heard of Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal when it comes to Canadian cities. Sure, the three are hosts to the biggest populations in the country; but, there are so many other amazing cities that people don’t think of visiting. There are cities in Canada, from coast to coast, that are simply amazing – these are a few of them.


  1. Ottawa

It’s amazing how a country can have a capital city as unknown as Ottawa is, among foreign visitors. However, that’s just fine to most Canadians, who quite like having their nation’s capital to themselves, without throngs of tourists. Ottawa is a beautiful city too, arguably one of the most stunning in Canada. In the summer the parks are full, and in the fall the colours of the maples are stunning. Winter, too, is a great time to visit as the canal in the city is frozen and full of ice skaters.


  1. Kelowna

This is perhaps the best place to be in the summer months in Canada, when the city explodes with activity. Though you might not associate the interior of British Columbia with beaches, there are plenty of beautiful bits of sand on the stunning lakes in this part of the country. There’s also an abundance of both vineyards and orchards in the area. And the nightlife? It’s fantastic here in the summer.


  1. John’s

The maritime region of Canada is greatly under-visited, both by international tourists and Canadians as well. The reason for this is it’s just so far from everywhere. Moreover, the flights can be quite expensive. However, that’s good news for people that come to maritime cities like St. John’s, as they’ll have the beauty of the place almost entirely to themselves. St. John’s has a small town feel for a big city, and in certain parts of town, it feels more like a Nordic country than Canada.


  1. Winnipeg

The city  of Winnipeg is the butt of a lot of jokes among Canadians. Many Canucks like to call the city “Winterpeg” thanks to its harsh winters. But, the truth is that Winnipeg is actually quite a pleasant place. Moreover, this is one of the hubs of Native Canadian art in the country. In fact, culture and history of all sorts are abundant here. I’d recommend a visit in the fall, when the weather isn’t harsh yet, and the colours are out in force.


  1. Quebec City

People somehow forget that Quebec is actually the oldest city in Canada. It’s here that Canada hosts more history than anywhere else. And, yes, the city can be a little bit heavy on history and weak on fun, but it’s also one of the most beautiful places in the country. The architecture in Quebec City is the most impressive in the country and every brick is laden with stories. A lot of Canada’s great history was forged here in Quebec City, so it shouldn’t be missed if you’re planning on exploring everything Canada has to offer.