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Budget Travellers Guide to Orlando

By May 9, 2013 2 Comments

A hub for cruise ships, and the unrestricted money that is abound on many of those ships, Orlando has plenty of ways to blow your travel budget without really adding to the experience. Rest easy though, there are many things that can be done in Orlando on a reasonable budget well not scrimping yourself on the best that this city has to offer.

Orlando Skyline

A few suggestions for how to travel Orlando on a budget include.

Where to Stay

Though many people head straight to one of Orlando’s onsite resorts, which are generally located closer to Universal Studios and Disney World, this is not the move for the budget traveller. A few miles away from the resorts and a ways from the main gates of Disney World are a variety of lower cost rooms, backpackers, and hotels. Keep your eyes peeled for deals at the end of August for cut rate prices on nice hotels too.

Places to Eat

The main concern of the budget traveller in Orlando is to visit the major theme parks that drew them to Orlando without breaking the bank on the over priced foods there. Now we aren’t saying that a person should starve themselves as not all these costs can be avoided, but some planning ahead trying to eat meals before entering or even bringing a lunch can really help offset trip costs. A travel tip is to eat a large breakfast then just try to snack – maybe even with your own snacks – inside the parks.

Getting to and from

The region around Orlando has three busy airports: Orlando, Daytona Beach, and Sanford. Look at all three of these airports when deciding how to get to Orlando as there can be deals at some of them and not others. Generally Orlando is navigated best with a rental car to see the attractions. The budget traveller may choose to use the city buses however.

The Attractions of Orlando

Walt Disney World is 30 minutes south-west of downtown Orlando. Nearby is the massive entertainment complex that houses Universal Studios. Naturally coming to see both of these attractions is a major reason for visiting Orlando, but one has to be aware of the costs incurred. Two suggestions for how to maximize your time at Disney are to show up early to avoid massive lines at major attractions, and to hit the parks most popular amenities early. Later in the day, when the park is full, head to things that aren’t as popular. Try your best not to eat in Disney World to save on the outrageous cost.

Disney World

Additional Tips for Orlando

  1. Consider a GO Orlando Card – This card can be purchased for one to seven days and offers a variety of free admission to varied Orlando attractions.
  2. Don’t cheap out on sun screen, the blazing central Florida sun will not pity your unprepared skin and a bad sun burn can quickly destroy your time in Orlando.
  3. Be prepared for the admission prices to Disney World and Universal Studios, they are not cheap to enter, so budget for them in advance and don’t be shocked when you see the price.
  4. Be sure you save some time to day trip around Orlando as there are some other wonderful things to visit such as Cape Canaveral’s Kennedy space centre.

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