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Extreme sports to try in Australia

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Extreme sports 'donw under'

Extreme sports ‘donw under’


While perhaps not boasting the profile of little brother New Zealand when it comes to extreme sports, Australia still offers a pulsating range of activities to get stuck into. Below is a selection of the finest to get you started.


Skydive the islands

What better place to start with extreme sports than with skydiving? And no spot is more epic to leap out of a plane than the stunning Whitsunday Islands. Head to Queensland’s Airlie Beach, and take a breath-taking ascent, before yelling your way through the heart stopping descent.


Jump the bungee

Considered by many to be more terrifying than jumping out of a plane, bungee jumping is high on the list of most backpackers, and with good reason thanks, to the massive adrenaline rush. Just 20 minutes north of Cairns you’ll find an offering from the revered AJ Hackett that resides in tropical rainforest, and offers a Jump Menu to help you figure out exactly how you wish to plunge the 50m, 170 dollar drop.


Bike the mountains

Spend more time enjoying the lush rainforest around Cairns and hit the tracks and trails of the area’s thriving downhill mountain bike culture. The Smithfield Mountain Bike Trail Park is a real treat for beginners or experienced riders alike; with 60km worth of tracks carved into the spectacular surroundings.


Glide the rainbow

Experience the magnificent rainbow cliffs at this stunning spot in Queensland, just a few hours north of Brisbane. Head to the Carlo Sand Blow in Rainbow Beach and enjoy a tandem paraglide flight for less than a couple hundred bucks, or even take on an entire course and go it alone.


Raft the river wild

Take to the rapids of the mighty River Tully, and enjoy a top drawer white water rafting experience in northern Queensland. For around 200 dollars you can depart from Cairns or Mission Beach with Raging Thunder, or pay a little extra and opt for the extreme package.

Xtreme Tully River White Water Rafting from Raging Thunder on Vimeo.


Climb the rock

Not that one – although it is still possible to climb Uluru if you so desire, much to the disdain of the sacred site’s original inhabitants. The Blue Mountains are incredibly captivating and just an hour and a half outside of Sydney, providing an ideal spot for some rock climbing and abseiling. Afterward you can watch the landscape mystically change colour in front of your eyes as the day draws to a close.


Surf the waves

Australia is of course a real haven for surfers, and there are countless spots to enjoy some time catching a few waves. Take a lesson in Agnes Water, enjoy the beach vibes of Byron Bay, or check out the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach on the Great Ocean Road.


Surf the kite

If you’re heading west and know your way around a kiteboard then make for Geraldton; which is just over a four hour drive north of Perth. Here you’ll find a mecca for Australian kitesurfers, where you can hire gear and get stuck straight in, or take a couple of lessons to learn the ropes.


Cage of Death

Although perhaps not strictly an extreme sport, Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin nonetheless offers an intensely exhilarating experience. Climb into the ‘Cage of Death’ and prepare for a unique chance to get up close and personal with massive saltwater crocodiles, with a price tag from 165 dollars.


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