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Five reasons why we love the beach

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Five reasons why we love beach holidays

If you’re a fly and flop kind of holiday maker than beach holidays were made for you. There is no better feeling than relaxing on a beach away from day to day stresses at home. If this sounds like you – JOIN TEAM BEACH

1, Relaxation
There’s nothing like the feeling of doing nothing. A world away from the daily grinned, it feels great to relax and unwind on a beach or by a pool.

Some of our favourite beaches include: Whitehaven Beach, in the Whitsunday Islands in Australia, Sipadan Beach in Malaysia, The Gili Islands in Indonesia

Don’t miss: The Gili Islands in Indonesia is a great spot for swimming with turtles.

2, Sunbathing
Ok this isn’t for everyone but if you’re the fly and flop kind of holiday maker then this has to be high on the list. Applying sun cream regularly, turning over ever 15 minus, and getting in uncomfortable, sometimes awkward positions, just to get the perfect all over tan. – Hands up if you’re guilty of wearing white on the way home just to show of the tan… we are!

3, Cocktails
Total relaxation comes hand in hand with a nice exotic cocktail. Choose a cocktail that suits your mood, choose a refreshing mojito when you’re feeling a bit hot, or pina colada if you’re looking for something exotic and if you’re feeling fruity there’s always sex on the beach…

4, Water sports
For some people the closest thing they’ll get to any kind of water sport is dipping in and out of the sea or pool, for the more adventurous, energetic type there are loads of exciting water sports to participate in.

Some of our favourite water sports include: water skiing, tubing, banana boating, snorkelling and scuba diving
5, Food
Beach holidays are great for food lovers, from fresh seafood and fruits to BBQs and ice creams. Whether you’re going all inclusive or not, there is a great range of food and drink to be enjoyed on and around the beach. There is no better place to enjoy seafood and there’s defiantly no better place to enjoy a BBQ.


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