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Getting the most out of your holiday Down Under

By July 8, 2015November 6th, 2018No Comments
Getting the most our of you holiday down under

Getting the most our of you holiday down under

It’s difficult to find any downsides to a holiday ‘down under’… if there had to be one it’d probably be the distance and the time it takes to get there. But, please, don’t let this put you off! Despite the length of the flight, once you are there we promise it will be worth it!

Here are a few travel tips to help you prepare for the journey and get the most out of your time in Australia:

  • Ok, so we know it’s a long flight – around 22 hours from London into Sydney – but why not consider a stopover to break up the journey? Thanks to stronger airline alliances there are now a multitude of destinations you can stop at for a couple of nights or so – Dubai, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Abu Dhabi – in fact at the last count there were around 50 possibilities! This also allows you to explore even more of the big wide world on your holiday.
  • If you can, try and select a flight arriving in the late afternoon or early evening – this way you’ll be ready for a good night’s sleep to reduce the effects of jetlag.
  • When you board your flight alter the time on your watch to match the correct time at your destination – your body clock will start adjusting sooner giving you more time to get used to the difference.
  • Why not consider a cabin upgrade? On a long flight that extra legroom comes in handy and premium cabins have recently seen an upsurge in onboard product enhancements, as well as additional airlines offering a Premium Economy cabin. It’s important to note that Premium Economy cabins can vary depending on the airline with some merely offering increased leg room where as others include an array of added benefits, for example, Air New Zealand offer a revolutionary Spaceseat, premium check in and upgraded meal options.


So we’ve thought about how to get there, now where to start from there?

  • Our advice is to never try and pack too much into a short space of time – you need enough time to appreciate your surroundings. Two weeks is an ideal minimum to make sure you enjoy your time in Australia.
  • Don’t be afraid to stay in one state. It’s easy to think you have to see and do as much as possible and while that is true, you can often take in spectacular beaches, fantastic wines, wildlife and iconic sites all in one place.
  • Try not to incorporate more than one domestic flight for each week you are there, there is less danger of overcrowding an itinerary!
  • If you are thinking of doing a self-drive holiday and visiting a number of places, consider an open dated accommodation pass. That way accommodation is still budgeted for whilst having the flexibility you need.


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