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Grenada – true, unspoilt Caribbean

By February 10, 2014November 6th, 2018No Comments

Grenada – True, unspoilt Caribbean

If you’re looking for an island where you can enjoy white sand beaches, luxury hotels and service, but still get to see what life is really like in the Caribbean, then Grenada might just be for you.

The majority of the hotels and tourist activities are based around Grand Anse Beach which, along with the capital St George’s, are the main areas on the island.. The rest of the island remains beautifully natural and unspoilt and even mountainous at times. If you like getting out and exploring there are some real little treasures to see.


 Grand Anse Beach


Getting out

Grenada is known as the ‘Island of Spice’ and a trip to the Nutmeg processing plant in Gouyave is an absolute must, along with the chocolate factory and Rivers Rum distillery in the north of the island. We take these three products for granted really, but when you actually get to see how the people of Grenada still use processing methods from the 1800’s to create them, you develop a whole new respect for the end product!

If you like to be active you can go River Tubing down Balthazar River, mountain biking or hiking through the vast forests that cover most of the island or of course there’s snorkelling and diving opportunities all around the island.

For the foodies amongst us, there are lots of local restaurants and street vendors around. I would particularly recommend you visit ‘Patrick’s Local Homestyle Cooking’ in St Georges. They serve local Grenadian food in a tapas style, and you get to sample around 15 different dishes at one sitting, and it only costs approximately £11-13 each!

 Nutmeg Processing Plant  Nutmeg Processing Plant


In Summary

The things that will truly amaze you about this island are the stunning scenery, the friendliness of the people and the quality of the hotels. When I remembered that this little island is still actually a “developing economy”, in the same economic bracket as Ethiopia and Rwanda, it made me realise what a wonderful place it is and how welcoming the people are. If you want to experience a real taste of Caribbean life, yet still have the comfort of a great hotel, then Grenada is the perfect choice. Go and see it for yourself before everyone else realises how great it is!!

 Concord-WaterallConcord Waterfall