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Have a Caribbean Christmas

By October 30, 2014 No Comments
Winter holidays in the Caribbean

Winter holidays in the Caribbean

If the sad thought of winter is getting you down, with the wet weather, fear of snow and not forgetting the hectic Christmas rush, why don’t you use this as the perfect time to take a vacation?

While Britain carries emergency umbrellas and wraps itself in thick coats, the Caribbean is boasting beautiful climates, where shorts and flip flops are still the norm.

So swap rain, wind and ice, for sun, sea and sand this Christmas time. Here are three of our favourite relaxing and exotic Caribbean vacation spots.


Take a trip to this unspoilt Caribbean beauty and experience a little known holiday treasure you’ll never forget. Just off the beaten track, the island is wild in nature but perfect for people of all walks of life; from singles and couples to families.

Surrounded by vivid rainforests, the sheer beauty of the island’s nature will make you feel like you’ve been sent to a utopian world. Experience the exotic wildlife from caterpillars and frogs, to hummingbirds and moths, and not forgetting the local monkeys – in fact, there are more here than people. One great thing to do is take a hike up the Nevis Peak; a volcanic mountain, which rises up 3,000 feet, and is often surrounded in clouds.

Make sure you check out notable landmarks like the Eden Brown Estate and Montpelier House – where Horatio Nelson and Frances Nesbit celebrated their marriage. But no Caribbean holiday would be complete without scintillating sands, which can be found at places like Oualie Beach, Winward Beach and Pinney’s Beach. Here you can relax in the almost untouched land of Nevis, soak in the sun and admire the surrounding blue waters, as you forget about the world back home.


When we think of a Caribbean holiday, the image of peaceful surroundings and hours of relaxation spring to mind – and Barbuda offers this in abundance.

A beach paradise, this island is almost untouched by tourism, making it ideal for getting away from the hectic 9 to 5 back home. Only 30 minutes away from Antigua, this picturesque landscape is everything you could want from a holiday; sand, sea and sun, framed by swaying palms.

To get an insight into island life, the local slogan is, ‘too blessed to be stressed’. This adds up to an extremely close and friendly local atmosphere, where you can hit the beaches such as Coco Point – this pink coral beach is often cited as the islands finest. Then there’s the 17-mile beach and Low Bay; all perfect to catch a tan and soak your feet in the warm blue waters.

Of course there are a few things to do here, such as visiting the island’s largest cave, Darby’s Cave, which is 70 feet deep and boasts its own interior eco-system. Then there are other beauty spots like the Garden of Eden, the Caves at Two Foot Bay, which are 143 feet above sea level, and the Frigate Bird Sanctuary. But the best thing about the island is the feeling of isolation, away from the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping and New Year partying, in a land almost forgotten by time.


Another great destination to escape the cold chill of the British weather is Tobago. Located in the area of the Caribbean known as the Lesser Antilles, you’ll be in for a varied and exotic holiday to offset those winter blues.

With a stunning landscape rolling out in front of your eyes, Tobago fits the prototype of anywhere in the Caribbean. Some amazing beaches you need to visit include the Nylon Pool, Pirate’s Bay and Pigeon Point Beach; all boasting stunning white sands and warm turquoise waters, where you can unwind and forget the world. If it’s greenery you want to explore, check out the lush greens that fill out the island and keep your eyes open for some spectacular waterfalls, including the Argyle Falls – a 600ft waterfall, set against an old cocoa plantation. And let’s not forget the wildlife, which you can see up close and personal at the Genesis Nature Park, and Main Ridge Forest Reserve.

When visiting Tobago it’s also important to explore the local culture, which can be found at the Art Gallery, Kimme Museum and the Tobago Historical Museum. Or you can visit amazing lookout points like Fort Bennett, a well preserved military site offering amazing views. The island is also filled with amazing bars, clubs and restaurants, where music and dance demonstrate the uniquely colourful culture that surrounds you. In a nutshell; Tobago has everything you need to escape the winter.

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