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How to have a motorhome adventure in America

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Holidaying in a motor home may sum up images of depressed camping sites in a dreary corner of the UK, but as we’ve discussed before, holidaying  in a motor home doesn’t have to be a sad state of affairs.

In fact taking a motor home holiday allows you to see much more than you usually would, as you can start the engine and head wherever the mood takes you. We’ve previously mentioned that have opened the door for you to take a motor home holiday in Australia, but you can also explore the USA.


Travel in style

With EL Monte RV providing rentals all across America in places such as Texas, Nevada, California, Arizona, New York, Washington and Florida, amongst many others. Not only can you choose from a range of vehicles, you can pick your route from a combination of some of the most famous locations across the United States.

The camper vans available come complete with a fridge, shower, toilet, air con, stove, radio/cd and microwave; with others featuring extras such as heaters, televisions, as well as a slide out wall section on some models. With a variety of sizes on offer, sleeping between four and eight people, you can choose a size that best suits your travelling requirements.

Travelling America

As we all know, the United States of America is pretty huge; therefore seeing everything is near on impossible. With both the East and West coasts offering up excellent opportunities, and with everything else in between providing further adventures, it’s difficult to know where to start.

With so many different routes around, offering different experiences and sights, you could choose one that suits your tastes best. EL Monte RV have rental offices all over the USA meaning you aren’t limited to select routes, as you can pick your RV up in one place and drop it off at another.

But there’s one road adventure in America that is head and shoulders above the rest.

America’s Main Street – Route 66

Starting your trip

This is probably the most iconic drive in the whole of America, if not the world, which is why it’s one you just have to experience. You can drive past some of the USA’s most iconic landmarks, and even see where the old Route 66 existed as you begin this amazing 2,311 mile holiday adventure.

Start off in America’s windy city, Chicago, and bask in the amazing architecture that fills the streets. Take in the sights of Lake Michigan, or one of the many museums that fill this metropolitan city. Before you make your departure from Chicago, ensure you venture to the John Hancock Center, the fourth tallest building in Chicago, and visit the observatory on the 94th floor. There you’ll see unparalleled views of the cityscape.

Head towards Springfield IL to visit Lincoln’s Tomb, and for a stop at the New Salem State Historic Site to see how the future president once lived. Following your stop at Springfield, cross the Mississippi River and journey towards St. Louis. Here you can find campsites on the historic Route 66.

Then it’s onto Springfield, MO, where you can visit the 546 acre Lone Elk Park, filled with different varieties of wildlife, including elk, deer, waterfowl and bison. A little further on pay a visit to the Route 66 state park, a beautiful scenic paradise extremely popular with travellers.

Follow this up by journeying towards Oklahoma – just before crossing the border check out the town of Joplin, where those infamous pictures of Bonnie and Clyde were found. Then travel to Tulsa, which houses the largest collection of art and artefacts of the American West. Then into Oklahoma City, where you can visit the State Capitol, the Centennial Land Run Monument, the city zoo and the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum.

On into Texas and beyond…

As you leave Oklahoma head into Texas towards Amarillo. Whilst here you can stay just off the historic Route 66 and wander the old highway, to check out places like the Route 66 historic district, featuring various antiques, dinning and boutiques. When you’re in this area a must do activity is drive towards Palo Duro Canyon, which is the second largest in the USA. Here you can explore the surroundings once used by early Spanish explorers and the Apache, as well as observing the beautiful scenery.

Next head towards Albuquerque – due to the distance we suggest you stop off and take a breather when you get to Tucumari in New Mexico. As you continue your journey, you’ll see the historic Route 66 on the way is bordered by three extinct volcanoes adding some epic scenery to the journey of a lifetime.

Then head towards Flagstaff in Arizona; on the way stop for a look around the town of Gallup, which is often cited as the ‘Indian Capital of the World’, as it’s situated in the centre of the Native American Lands. Once you arrive at Flagstaff use it as a stopover before the amazing experience that comes in just a few miles time.#

The Grand Canyon and a little more…

A little over 70 miles down the road from Flagstaff you’ll encounter one of the greatest sights in the whole of the USA – the Grand Canyon. Try and book a flightseeing trip before you get there, because even though it’s a spectacular view to behold, seeing it from above is truly something else. Try to get up early whilst here, as the sunrise on the Grand Canyon is a magical experience and one to tick off the Bucket List.

After an early rise to see the sun, it’s time to get on the open road again and head towards Kingman. On the way, visit Seligman, which retains the charm and character of the old road. Here you can come off the interstate and drive on the original Route 66 for several miles. At the end of Route 66 you’ll finally arrive in Kingman, where you can visit the Historic Route 66 Museum, the Desert Diamond Distillery and the Mohave Museum of History and Arts.

Finally drive towards Barstow, and spend some time in the Mojave National Preserve. Here you’ll experience natural sites like the Kelso Dunes, the Cima Dome and the Marl Mountains, along with the Providence Mountains State Recreation Area and Mitchell Caverns Natural Preserve. Once you finally arrive in Barstow, this interesting town provides so much to see, including the Route 66 Mother Road Museum, the Desert Discovery Center, Mojave River Valley Museum and the Western America Rail Museum.

After your stay here it’s time to fill up your tank and cover the last stretch to Santa Fe Springs, where you hand in your RV and reminisce about your magnificent journey through America.

There’s more

Although this is one of the most popular and exciting routes to take throughout America, there are many more to experience, including the Atlantic Seaboard tour, a Best of the Wild West experience, a Florida Beach journey or the Mountains of the Northwest, amongst many more.

So if you enjoyed your American motorhome holiday, just remember there’s even more for you to see out there. So get planning.