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Looking for paradise?

When you picture their sparkling turquoise waters and soft white sands, it’s easy to think that the Maldives and the Seychelles are similar places to go on holiday. After all, they’re both in the Indian Ocean, are famous for their spectacular beaches, and rank highly on most peoples’ list of dream destinations.

Despite this, the Maldives and the Seychelles are very different to each other. We’ve taken a look at what each has going for it, and answered some of the questions you might have to help you decide which is the best place for you to go.

Will it suit me there?

Unless you don’t like soaking up golden sunshine and breathtaking scenery, and enjoying stunning resorts, we’re pretty sure you’ll like both places. However, the Maldives is made up of single-resort islands, most of which can be walked around in no time at all. This intimacy is one of the reasons it’s so popular for honeymoons, especially with luxurious resorts offering things like private jacuzzis and overwater beach huts. The Seychelles islands are generally bigger and throw up more opportunities to explore. They have more variation than the small, flat islands of the Maldives, allowing you to stay in everything from hilltop chalets to hotels set in lush gardens and beachside villas.

What kind of things can I do there?

If you want to have a more action-packed holiday, the Seychelles might be a better choice for you. You can explore nature reserves, go hiking, visit local villages and see Aldabra giant tortoises on Curieuse Island, as well getting involved in the watersports on offer where you’re staying. For a slower pace, where your days are steeped in relaxation with the occasional spot of snorkelling, head to the Maldives. Why not indulge in a massage on the beach as you recharge your batteries in style.

What’s the food like?

The Seychelles has a unique dining scene thanks to the influence of various inhabitants down the years. There are French, Indian, African and Chinese flavours to discover in Seychellois cooking, with local specialities including barracuda and red snapper. There’s also a diverse cooking scene in the Maldives, with lots of international cuisines represented. It’s a great place to choose an all-inclusive package, but make sure you do your research on what food each resort offers – it won’t be easy to find any alternatives without a boat.

Do I need to think about the weather?

It might be hard to imagine anything other than blue skies and sun-drenched beaches when you think of such picture-perfect destinations, but when you’re planning to go might have a big impact on which place you choose. Despite both being in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is driest between January and April, while the Seychelles has the least amount of rain from late May to early September.

Whichever of these stunning destinations you decide to visit, we’re sure you’ll have a great time – and don’t forget to send us a postcard.