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Strangest proposals from around the globe

By November 21, 2014 No Comments

503x503_ProposalsGetting engaged is a particularly amazing time in anyone’s life, and across the globe many people have thought up some weird and wonderful ways to propose.

We’ve all heard of the utterly bizarre, such as proposals by text, Facebook or even on the lid of a pizza box – but a few have upped the ante, and popped the question in some truly creative ways.

Surrounded by some great things to see and do, here are our favourite proposals from across the globe; some even travelled the world.

Mass Sing Along – London

A mass sing along may sound a little cringe worthy, in fact many of us may find someone, or in fact many people, serenading us extremely embarrassing.

However in 2012, one lucky lady and her boyfriend were walking through Piccadilly Circus when a choir burst into a version of ‘Can’t Take my Eyes off You’, backed by 200 dancers recruited on Facebook; all arranged by the boyfriend of course. Not a bad proposal, and with numerous London attractions like the West End, Soho and Leicester Square close by, there’s plenty of places to go and show off that ring.

Traffic Stopping – Los Angeles

The City of Angels is well known for its glitz and glamour, supported by Hollywood, making it one of the most magical places to propose marriage. However, it’s also well known as a place where everyone drives, and in 2013, one man and 300 biker friends shut down one of the busiest highways in order to propose. Although romantic, it is illegal, but with pink smoke billowing from the bikes and her family on the overpass, this is an all-round amazing and slightly odd proposal.

A Theatrical Event – Ukraine

Ukraine is a fantastic place to visit, with its Black Sea beaches, the world famous Chernobyl and hiking in Crimea and the Carpathian Range; but it’s also home to a fabulous marriage proposal.

This happened when a love struck Tycoon paid 10,000 to have the play ‘The Romantics’ staged at a theatre in Zaporozhye. With him as the leading man, a whole theatre company behind him, and his bride-to-be in the audience, it went down a storm and she said yes.

All the Single Ladies – San Francisco

One of the best ways to say something is through song, and failing that dance. Well, in 2013 one San Francisco man popped the question using both – supported by the power of Beyoncé.

Hiring the San Francisco Flash Mob Crew, two husbands-to-be went for a stroll through the Castro district, where the ensemble burst into a rendition of Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies’ before the question was popped.

A popular LGBT tourism area, steeped in political history, the Castro district offers attractions such as the GLBT History Museum, Pink Triangle Park and the Castro Theatre – a movie house built in 1922. It’s also closely associated with the annual Pride Parade; the world’s largest pride celebration.

The Traveller – The World

Finally this list wouldn’t be complete without the best proposal in history; which just so happens to have taken the guy proposing across the globe.

Taking four years to complete, the proposal comes in the shape of a video featuring University graduate Jack Hyer. Throughout the video, the well-travelled romantic lip syncs The Proclaimers ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)’, as he visits 26 different countries, including; Cambodia, Israel, China, Greece, France, Thailand, London and Turkey.

His girlfriend obviously said yes, and who can argue with the amazing combination of travelling the world and getting engaged – quite possibly the best idea ever.