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If  you’re thinking about your next getaway and Dubai isn’t on your radar, you’re seriously missing out. Yes, we know – summer in Dubai can be hot. But don’t sweat it! We’re here to show you how to embrace the heat and have the time of your life in this dazzling desert oasis. Pack your sunnies, your factor 50 suncream, and chub rub gel and let’s dive into the ultimate guide to doing Dubai in the summer!

We’ll start by answering some of your – ahem – burning questions.

What months are summer in Dubai?

Like the UK, the summer months in Dubai are typically considered to be June, July, and August. Dubai is always hot, but this is when it gets really hot. We’re talking temperatures often exceeding 40°C – that kind of hot.

But what’s the hottest month in Dubai?

Again, just like the UK, the hottest month in Dubai is typically August. Average high temperatures often reach around 41°C (106°F), but it’s definitely not uncommon (especially these days) for temperatures to exceed 45°C  mark.

What does Dubai heat actually feel like?

During the peak summer months, the heat in Dubai can feel overwhelming for some. Not only do you have incredibly high temperatures, but the sunlight itself is also very much on the strong side – direct exposure can be uncomfortable, even for the locals.

The thing most people really struggle with, though? That’ll be the humidity.

If you’ve ever been to Thailand in summer, you’ll know exactly what we mean. We’ve heard people describe stepping outside in Dubai in summer as being a bit like having someone throw a hot, wet towel over you. And they ain’t wrong! The humidity is especially high in coastal areas, and the combo of high temps and humidity makes the air feel heavy and sticky. 

Is Dubai just too hot in summer?

Well, this is just the big fat elephant in the room, isn’t it? Is Dubai just too hot in the summer?

For this answer, you’ll have to look to yourself. Whether or not you can hack the heat will depend entirely upon you. If you’re a bit of a lizard who loves to bask in the sun the second we get any in the UK, and you’re straight to the beach during a heatwave, we reckon you’ve got a pretty good shot at being able to cope. But if you sometimes struggle with the heat in the UK, then be prepared for it to be quite tricky to deal with in Dubai.

At the end of the day, it’s all about you, and what you find comfortable. No one wants a holiday they’ll be miserable on, so if it ain’t for you then that’s a-okay.

Why visit Dubai in the summer?

Whether or not you can manage the heat might be down to your personal experiences, but we’ll let you in on a couple of things about Dubai in summer that really can make the higher temps worthwhile.

There’s fewer crowds. Like, way fewer. Visitor numbers drop right down during the summer months, and so do the queues for the major attractions – that’ll make getting your hands on tickets to the Burj’s viewing deck at sunset a whole lot easier.

The drop in visitor numbers also plays right into your pocket, because hotels and airlines drop their prices aswell to try and reel you in. That means you can get unbelievable deals at the swankiest 5 star resorts you’ve ever seen.

This is how you’ll stay cool

If you decide to give Dubai a whirl in the summer, then there’s a few tried and tested tricks in the book to help keep you cool.

The massive waterparks

A bird's eye view of Aquaventure in Dubai, one of the best waterparks outside Europe. Hit up one of Dubai’s fantastic water parks – these things knock the socks off anything we have in the UK.  Aquaventure at Atlantis The Palm and Wild Wadi Waterpark are perfect for making a splash and cooling off. Plus, there are lazy rivers (the best bit of any waterpark in our opinion) and adrenaline-pumping slides for all the fun – without the sunburn. 

The (many, many) malls

Dubai’s malls are not just for shopping; they’re massive entertainment hubs. From indoor theme parks and snow slopes (yes, real snow for actual skiing) to aquariums and cinemas, places like The Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates offer air-conditioned bliss. Ah!  

We call this daytime dodge

Plan your outdoor activities for early morning or late evening when the sun isn’t as fierce. Sunrise and sunset in Dubai are spectacular and worth the early wake-up call or late-night stroll – or even better, scale the Burj Khalifa – that’s the tallest building in the world – and watch the sunset from there!  

Drink water, lots of it

It’s super important that you stay hydrated – sounds a bit obvious, right? But a top tip is to make full, repeated use of the water fountains dotted all over the city. Don’t forget that reusable water bottle!

Things to do in Dubai in summer

Dubai in summer isn’t just about staying indoors to keep cool. There’s plenty of activities that are cool to start off with (like skiing – no, seriously) and there’s other classic activities that, with a bit of tweaking, work in summer too.

Hit the slopes

The last place on the planet you’d expect to ski is Dubai, but you’d be wrong. Inside Mall of the Emirates, Ski Dubai offers skiing and snowboarding – a frosty fun way to cool down. 

Sunset desert safari

One of the best things to do in Dubai in summer, is a sunset desert safari. Bash some dunes is a 4×4, then enjoy a traditional BBQ underneath the stars. We know, you’re thinking doing the Dubai desert in the summer is absolutely balmy, and it is – during the day. But come sunset? Perfect. The temps out in the desert plunge a lot more than you think at night, and – trust us –  the desert is more bearable and absolutely gorgeous once the sun’s popped off to bed.

Spa day

If there’s one thing thing that Dubai does soooo well (besides aircon), it’s a proper good spa, and some of the best and biggest in the world can be found here. It’s pretty much standard for the most hotel’s here to offer stunning spa facilities. Treat yourself to a cooling body treatment or a refreshing massage or facial to revitalise after a day of exploring. 

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